Meet Dyson Daniels, a rising NBA star from Australia.


There are various doubts one can harbour that could persuade them that their goals are unattainable. Despite having these same reservations, Dyson Daniels was selected eighth overall in the 2022 NBA draught in June. That's correct, the Victoria-born 19-year-old was chosen by the New Orleans Pelicans. The advantage Daniels has on the court is that he is always willing to compete and work to develop his game in addition to his length and toughness, which enable him to defend at an exceptional level. Daniels' future is unquestionably bright, but getting to the NBA was not always easy for him. Many young Australian hipsters will identify with this story's protagonists. In an interview with Complex AU, he discussed his path to the NBA, his upbringing in Bendigo, the importance of support, and his preparations for the upcoming 2022–23 season.