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Video: Warriors enter the White House as champions

And they look stylish!

Draymond Green dressed in a suit at the White House in 2016
If Draymond Green looks younger, it’s because this picture is seven years old!
Photo by ImageCatcher News Service/Corbis via Getty Images

As is customary, the Golden State Warriors are enjoying one of the more unique benefits of winning the NBA championship today: they’re visiting the White House.

Fresh off a fun win over the Washington Wizards in which Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Jordan Poole put on quite a show, the Warriors paid a visit to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at the nation’s capital. And the Warriors video team thankfully caught their entrances on camera, treating us to a Hollywood red carpet-style entrance video.

I gotta say: the Warriors have some stylish dudes, and they went all out for the special occasion.

While the Warriors were celebrating their fourth title in eight years, it’s just their second time visiting the White House in that span. They visited President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Biden in February of 2016 to celebrate their surprising 2015 run to the NBA Finals. After winning the championship in 2017, many of the Warriors high-profile players got into a public spat with President Donald Trump, with the childish president throwing a temper tantrum on Twitter and disinviting the Warriors, despite every indication that they had no intention of going.

After repeating as champions in 2018, there was never any discussion of the Warriors visiting the White House. No NBA champion visited during Trump’s presidency, and the Los Angeles Lakers missed out on their visit to the White House due to coronavirus protocols. The 2021 champion Milwaukee Bucks became the first team to visit the White House since the Cleveland Cavaliers in late 2016.

Here’s hoping the Warriors have a wonderful time and celebration. They earned it.

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