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Warriors present jerseys to President Biden and VP Harris

Steph Curry handed Joe Biden a No. 46, and Kamala Harris got a No. 1. If this were Barack Obama, we might wonder if the Warriors were looking at him for veteran bench help.

Joe Biden receives a No. 46 jersey from Steph Curry, clearly a tribute to Curry’s 46-point game against the Thunder in 2016.

The Golden State Warriors have some of the best-selling jerseys in all of the NBA. so it’s no surprise that even the President of the United States is delighted to get his hands on one.

Steph Curry presented Dubs jerseys to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris when the team visited the White House to honor their 2022 NBA title. President Biden got a No. 46 “Biden” jersey, even though Andrew Bogut probably insisted it say “Brandon” instead. VP Harris got a No. 1 jersey, because even though she’s the Number Two in the Biden Administration, the Oakland native probably the Number One fan of the Dubs.

Biden got No. 46 because he’s the 46th president. The Warriors have never had a No. 46 in their franchise history, probably because for much of basketball history, players have had uniform numbers that referees can indicate with the fingers on both hands. Looking ahead to a future president, when Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga visit the White House, the POTUS can wear a slick Jerry Lucas No. 47 jersey.

Harris may have gotten No. 1 because Curry is fond of her. Almost as fond as he is of his brother-in-law Damion Lee, who wore No. 1 from 2019-22. But she’s also a fun-loving veteran presence in the Biden Administration, just like 2017-18 No. 1 JaVale McGee. And as the tiebreaking vote in the Senate, she has the power to swat away legislation, just like 1995 No. 1 Manute Bol.

But that’s not all! While she opposed drug legalization during her time as a prosecutor, Harris’ beliefs have evolved. In October, she told Seth Meyers that “No one should have to go to jail for smoking weed,” which should delight 2007-10 No. 1 and host of “All The Smoke“ Stephen Jackson.

At 5’2”, Harris is one of the shortest vice presidents in American history. She’s just an inch shorter than Muggsy Bogues (No. 1 in 1998-99), the shortest NBA player of all time. Like Troy Murphy (No. 1 from 2002-7), she’s not great at creating her own shot at the presidency, but she rebounded to a spot on the ticket. And while her contributions to the victory are sometimes hard to see, Harris will always be part of a winning team, just like 2014-15 No. 1 Ognjen Kuzmić.

The Warriors never visited the White House during the Trump administration. mainly because Steph Curry refused to go. In fact, no NBA champs came to the White House while Donald Trump was the president, which was for the best because Trump really doesn’t seem like a tank top guy. We’ve seen fans at the Chase Center putting on free t-shirts over their starched dress shirts and ties - Trump would have to wear his over a suit jacket.

Just for the record, we can’t see Trump as a No. 45 like Purvis Short (1979-87), because Trump’s conservative backers wouldn’t stand for him endorsing a rainbow shot, since it would feel like support for the LGBT community. He couldn’t be a Cedric Henderson (2002), because Henderson led the league in games played for two seasons, and Trump is known for skipping work to play golf. Perhaps he could be John Shasky (1990), which sounds like an alias Trump would use to plant stories in the press.

But we think Trump’s best No. 45 fit would be Tony Massenburg (1992), simply because of his nickname “T-Mass,” which works for our nation’s third-heftiest president. He also couldn’t get a “We Believe” jersey because Trump hates belief, particularly belief in Santa Claus.

We also think there’s a dual meaning to Biden’s No. 46. Yes, Biden is the 46th president in US history, but 46 is also the number of points Steph Curry scored in the thrilling 2016 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It was a great night for Steph Curry, and a great night for America. We think President Biden should invite Mike Breen to the White House some time, but just a warning: If he starts yelling “Bang!” the Secret Service are going to tackle him.

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