Suggestions for the upcoming season

Here are suggestions for each Warrior for the upcoming season


Stef Curry. Look at film from the 2016 season to see how you and Iguodala ran the ball up the court and put the defense on its heels

Chris Paul. Talk to Andre Iguodala. Everyone knows you have starter’s talent and that you already secured a spot in the HOF. You have nothing left to prove except to get that ring. And please, DON’T you run the ball up the court. Take care of those hammies! We want to see you healthy in the finals.

Corey Joseph. Be ready to give Stef and Chris rest without anyone worrying about it.


Klay Thompson: Wash those hands. The ball seems to be sticking on them.

Moses Moody: Assert yourself at both ends of the floor. It is your time.

GP3: Raise the team defense to the highest level (i.e., to the level of your on-ball defense)


Andrew Wiggins: Bring your full athleticism to bear. You’ll continue to kill it on both ends.

Jonathan Kuminga: Make plays that make you smile, like that dunk you did last year. Hold your head up Believe you are THAT good, because you ARE that good. The minutes will come.

Brandan Podziemenski: Talk to Chris Mullen about how he blocked shots after his defender got by him. And please, get a nickname.


Draymond Greene. Talk to Michael Jordan about how he interacted with the refs, and remember, the top dog always protects his teammates

Dario Saric: Don’t play hurt. Sit and heal. The Warriors will need you healthy in April, May and June.

Rudy Gay: Give the fans a taste of the old Rudy Gay. Oh, wait. You are the old Rudy Gay (jk)


Kevon Looney: Ask Chris Paul for help in the mid-range; He is a master at it and yours is almost there. And ask for help when defending players like AD. Even the ghost of Bill Russel couldn’t defend AD one on one.

Trayce Jackson-Davis Talk to Moses Moody about patience and hard work. You have all-star talent. Develop it.

Usman Garuba: Get some stick-um for your hands; but don’t worry about offense.Your defense will get you minutes.

Coaches and Medical Staff. Keep these guys healthy. You have 10 (not six) starters. Use them all.

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