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Dub Hub: Steve Kerr proud of how his bench ‘stepped up’ in win vs. Clippers

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Friday, December 1st.

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Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Warriors News:

Steve Kerr on the Warriors’ depth: “This team is deep”

Steph, Klay, Draymond revel in symbolic night after Warriors’ win | NBC Sports Bay Area

“We’re all three different, but we love the game of basketball, so we vibe on the competitiveness and the will to win over the years,” Curry told Fitzgerald and Azubuike. “Draymond said in our sit down a couple years ago, we never asked any of us to change who we are. We’ve obviously evolved and grown over the years. We all have a place; we complement each other so well. On the court, off the court, we’re all unique. So it meshed. We felt it from [the] jump. But like Draymond said, blessed to be 12 years in, all three of us together, that’s special. That’s history right there.”

Klay offers strong response to doubters in Warriors’ win vs. Clippers | NBC Sports Bay Area

Thompson’s 90 seconds of offensive brilliance in the fourth quarter energized Chase Center and his teammates, providing the push required to close out a 120-114 win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

“That felt so good,” Thompson said. “At times, I feel like I can be pressing. I just want to make every shot I take. I wish basketball was that easy. But I’m proud of myself even when I’m 2-for-12, or whatever I was before that.”

Thompson was 4 of 14 from the field, including 1 of 6 from beyond the arc, and it looked as if it might be another one of those nights when his shot was allergic to bottom of the net. And then, boom. With the Warriors clinging to an 89-82 lead and 9:53 remaining, Thompson went to work.

Andrew Wiggins misses game vs. Clippers after slamming finger in a car door

Steve Kerr provides clarity on Gary Payton II’s calf injury

NBA News:

Report: Maverick Carter, LeBron James’ manager, used illegal bookmaker | ESPN

“In 2021 and before 38 states and the District of Columbia legalized sports betting, Maverick Carter was interviewed a single time by federal law enforcement regarding their investigation into Wayne Nix,” Adam Mendelsohn, a spokesperson for Carter and James, said in a statement to the Post. “Mr. Carter was not the target of the investigation, cooperated, was never charged, and never contacted again on the matter.”

According to the report reviewed by the Post, Carter said he placed approximately 20 bets on football and basketball games over the course of a year, with each bet ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

The NBA prohibits players, team officials and league officials from betting on league games, and the National Basketball Players Association also includes agents in its rule, but business managers are not included by either group.

How the Celtics’ Jrue Holiday is finding new ways to ‘raise hell’ on defense | The Athletic

Usually, gapping means jumping in the lane to briefly mess things up, then quickly recovering back to the shooter they left open. But Holiday takes “nexting” to the next level. He called “red left” which tells White he’s going to switch on to DeRozan and White then takes on his man.

This worked perfectly, because DeRozan was snaking the screen, meaning he was going across the paint after going over the screen. He does this because he wants Al Horford, the dropping defensive big, to switch onto him in what is called a “veer.” That would give Vučević a cross-match with a guard as he rolls through the lane, giving DeRozan a chance to lob it over the top to him or find an open shooter as the Celtics try to help.

With Holiday jumping in there, the Bulls lose the advantage, DeRozan has to pick up his dribble and the play is broken. But the play is not over, and that’s where Holiday makes another phenomenal read to call a switch.

Pacers’ Tyrese Haliburton finishes off a historic month of November

LeBron James: “I already told my [Lakers] teammates that if they’re playing on the same day we’re playing then I’m going to catch them the next game“

In case you missed it at Golden State of Mind:

How the Warriors’ big three went big-game hunting against the Clippers

If 11-30-23 was the only indication to go by, the trio answered those concerns with a definitive “no.” It was a vintage Big-Three performance from Curry (26-7-8 on 68.6% TS), Thompson (22-6-2 on 55.7% TS), and Green (13-5-5). All of them contributed in manners befitting of who they were and still are as players, albeit older and — at times — having to struggle against Father Time.

Thompson has arguably been the biggest lightning rod for concern — sometimes delving into outright vitriol and blame. The concerns were valid — prior to tonight’s game against the Clippers, he was averaging 15.3 points on 46/36/87 shooting splits (2P/3P/FT) and 54.2% TS. Thompson has always been considered a slow starter — but this start had a different, somewhat more ominous feeling to it, as if it represented a finality to his status as a high-level scoring option.

Some of the changed perception toward his play has even brought audacity levels to a point where outright false statements are being made — ones such as this, for example:

DarioWatch: Hungry ghosts on neon courts

This season, the Homie has consistently been the Warriors’ second or third best scorer, and he’s been making the most important assists between the bench unit as well. Throughout the tournament, he’s helped out his teammates tremendously. He gave life and purpose to veteran point guard Chris Paul, who had to step up his role in Steph’s absence on November 14th, and helped him fight the Cliff Paul allegations with 15 points that night. He helped rookies Brandin Podziemski and Trayce Jackson-Davis fit right in with the bench unit. He and Andrew Wiggins even successfully avoided ejection while breaking up the brawl heard ‘round the world. All the while, as the Warriors let leads slip through their sweaty fingers over and over and over, Dario has hardly had a win to show for it.

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