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Dub Hub: Trayce Jackson-Davis deserves to be in the Warriors’ rotation

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Tuesday, December 19th.

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Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Warriors News:

Why Jackson-Davis deserves strong Warriors rotation consideration | NBC Sports Bay Area

Kerr appreciates everyone on the roster, but Looney might be his favorite. Such smarts and such defense. But Loon has not solved the art of finishing at the rim, which results of missed layups.

Šarić also has a high basketball IQ. He’s a sharp passer, a terrific spacer, a genuine threat from beyond the arc. But his defensive limitations result in opponents frequently taking the express route to the rim.

Kerr is uneasy about a three-man center rotation. But he has done it before: JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia and David West. There was room for all three because each had a different set of skills. The same can be said of Golden State’s current big men. It’s time Jackson-Davis receives regular consideration for playing time against most, if not all, opponents.

Warriors’ Draymond Green starts counseling, expected to miss at least 3 weeks: Sources | The Athletic

League sources said Green, 33, was expected to receive counseling and work with the Warriors and NBA while suspended. People around Green and the organization said the four-time NBA champion has been understanding and prepared to undergo the process required to return to the team in a full capacity. Those sources would not reveal the specifics of Green’s counseling out of respect for his privacy.

A three-week timeframe would mean his suspension stretches approximately 12 games.

Thompson: Brandin Podziemski is doing something we’ve never seen with these Warriors | The Athletic

But it’s more than that. Podz is an ideal confluence of talent, confidence, skill, and the intangible trait of “knowing how to play,” as Curry said. But it’s not by accident. It’s the product of his awareness, attention to detail and spongy brain. Often, especially earlier in the year, Podziemski could be found in the locker room by himself. With everyone else gone, he’s hunched over in his locker. After games, he’s in no rush to leave.

“Everything I need is right here,” Podziemski said. The practice court. The weight room. The lounge area. The trainers. The coaches. The championship teammates to learn from. He was learning through immersion.

Overlooked in Warriors’ poor play? Kevon Looney’s deep season-opening slump | San Francisco Chronicle

“Loon is at his best when other guys are clicking,” Kerr said of Looney, who has seen his turnovers (0.9 per game) nearly double this season while his averages for points (5.5), rebounds (8.2) and shooting percentage (56.9%) have all declined. “Loon has found his niche here over the years understanding how to play with Steph, Klay and Draymond.

“All of the screening and defensive detail. The rebounding. It all goes hand in hand with the way we play. So, I think that the fact that our team hasn’t quite clicked has actually affected Loon’s effectiveness.”

Injury update for tonight’s Warriors-Celtics game

NBA News:

Seven NBA Observations on Trade Chatter, Luka Doncic’s Ceiling, and More | The Ringer

So what’s the line for an acceptable offer? My impression from talking to teams is that it’s something resembling the haul the Jazz received for Mitchell and Gobert: so, five-ish firsts and/or players of comparable value. This is a lot for Markkanen in the sense that he doesn’t have postseason scoring success like Mitchell, or three Defensive Player of the Year trophies like Gobert.

Amick: On Zach LaVine-Lakers rumors, Kings’ next steps, Lauri Markkanen unplugged | The Athletic

For all the public focus on the prospect of James and Davis teaming up with LaVine with the Lakers, the overlooked part is that Kings star De’Aaron Fox is a major priority for Klutch Sports these days as well. Per league sources, LaVine would be very amenable to a Sacramento move that would make him Fox’s backcourt mate.

Grizzlies’ star point guard Ja Morant returns from suspension tonight vs. Pelicans

In case you missed it at Golden State of Mind:

How Steph Curry pushed the “come over here” button to lead the Warriors past the Nets

The team’s own version of Superman may perform feats like an otherworldly alien, but he still has the body of a human who gets fatigued — especially when the team keeps counting on him to carry an offense that has little going for it beyond him.

The fact of the matter is that this version of the Warriors cannot generate any passable semblance of half-court offense if Curry isn’t on the floor — or if he’s having an off game. This certainly doesn’t count as an off game for Curry, who scored his 37 points on a 14-of-22 clip (8-of-14 on twos, 6-of-8 on threes) and a 79.3% True Shooting mark.

Kevin Durant: ‘I hope Draymond gets the help he needs’

“That was insane to see,” Durant said about Green’s violent reaction to Nurkić. “Glad Nurk is all right. Never seen that before on a basketball court in an NBA game. I hope Draymond gets the help he needs. It’s been incident after incident. I know Draymond, and that’s not — he hasn’t been that way when I was around him, coming into the league. So hopefully he gets the help he needs, and can get back on the court and put all this stuff behind him.”

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