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Dub Hub: Steve Kerr calls Steph Curry the ‘most skilled’ player of all time

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Thursday, December 21th.

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Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Warriors News:

Steve Kerr weighs in on the Steph Curry GOAT conversation

Steve Kerr gives an update on rookie Brandin Podziemski

Jackson-Davis earns new nickname from Klay after big game vs. Celtics | NBC Sports Bay Area

“Klay announced it right when we got in the locker room,” Jackson-Davis told reporters after the game. “I think I’m Trayce Jr. now.”

Jackson-Davis’ size and athleticism give the Warriors an element they’ve been missing, and the rookie’s performances in recent games have forced coach Steve Kerr to throw more minutes his way. He certainly doesn’t look like a baby out there, but Thompson explained why Jackson-Davis still has to be a “junior.”

“[Jackson-Davis is] a vertical spacer, a shot-blocking presence and a big, strong, physical big man who is incredibly athletic. Trayce Jr., very athletic,” Thompson told reporters, confirming the rookie’s new nickname. “That is his new nickname, correct, because I only know one Trayce in my life, and that’s Trayce Thompson. MLB player, father to Roman.”

Thompson: Stephen Curry, with one epic splash, revives the Warriors’ season | The Athletic

“Obviously, being on the end of this type of situation sucks,” said Celtics guard Jrue Holiday, who was drafted 10 spots after Curry in the 2009 draft and is one of Curry’s toughest defenders. “But sometimes to see how he does it is kind of amazing.”

When it splashed, the league had a memorandum of Curry’s MVP-worthiness.

“From guarding him all those years to seeing it up close now,” Joseph said. “It’s really amazing. Can’t take what he does for granted. When he gets into those zones, you just find yourself staring sometimes, just in awe.”

The Warriors Dynasty Isn’t Ending Because of Draymond Green | The Ringer

So aside from Curry, that leaves just one key figure with a long-term commitment: Draymond Green. There’s no telling how long his suspension will last, or how his counseling will go, or whether he’ll return with better self-control. But we do know this: There is no Warriors dynasty without Green. He’s their fire, their ferocity, their defensive conscience. He’s the one with the almost-psychic connection with Curry, allowing them to play an improvisational two-man game that still delights fans and flusters defenders and keeps the Warriors offense humming.

SB Nation’s Celtics Blog reacts to Warriors’ comeback win

NBA News:

Joel Embiid extends streak with 30+ points and 10+ rebounds to 12 games | NBA

Playing against the top rated defensive team in the NBA, the reigning Kia MVP continued his recent tear by scoring a season-high 51 points and grabbing 12 rebounds in the Philadelphia 76ers127-113 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

This marks Embiid’s 12th consecutive game with 30 or more points and 10-plus rebounds, the NBA’s longest such streak since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did it in 16 straight games for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1971-72 season.

The only other players to have 12 or more consecutive games of 30-10 in NBA history besides Embiid and Abdul-Jabbar are Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor and Walt Bellamy.

Inside Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant’s return from suspension | Andscape

Smart told Andscape he had a frank conversations with Morant and wants to serve as a mentor.

“We have sat down and talked. And it really had nothing to do about basketball, it was about life,” said Smart, who has been sidelined with a left foot sprain. “Just understanding how blessed we are to be in this spot, to be able to feed our families and do it at the highest level and live out our dreams. And, excuse my French, never take this s— for granted, because it can be gone in any second.

“He has had to deal with that. He has had a little bit of taste of it could be gone and understands to try not to let that happen again. It’s good to hear from him about how he feels about everything in his life and to see him still have a smile on his face.”

Cavaliers and point guard Ricky Rubio expected to part ways, per report

In case you missed it at Golden State of Mind:

Dirk Nowitzki talks We Believe Warriors on All The Smoke podcast

Hearing Nowitzki’s humble, honest commentary on that series is a true treat for any Warriors fan to enjoy like a festive holiday eggnog. He touched on how frustrating it was for all his moves to be stymied by a brilliant Golden State defensive attack. He spoke about the shock of being knocked out by an 8th seed after having gone to the NBA Finals the year before.

He even touched on kicking a trash can or chair (he can’t quite remember) into the wall at Oracle Arena, leaving a hole that the Warriors hung a We Believe jersey next to for inspirational purposes.

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