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Brandin Podziemski takes blame for Warriors’ loss to Miami Heat

That’s what leadership looks like, folks!

Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There’s a lot to talk about this year with the Golden State Warriors: suspensions, injuries, and random flashes of brilliance sandwiched behind suspect performances.

But one thing that’s been great to observe is the energetic and inspiring play from Golden State’s rookie Brandin Podziemski. The Santa Clara University product has been a bright spot for the Dubs, averaging 8.9 points and 5.8 rebounds per game with 8 starts this season. He’s also shooting 46% from the field, and a quality 40% from beyond the arc.

His aggression on the glass and his shooting touch at 6-foot-4 has made him a must have in Golden State’s rotation. And that responsibility is something he’s taking seriously, judging from his comments after the team’s loss to the defending Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat last night.

“A lot of that falls on my plate,” Podziemski. “I’m the guy that’s supposed to bring energy and hustle plays and effort plays. I didn’t do that tonight. I can usually gauge that by how many steals, deflections, and rebounds I get. Tonight, was probably my worst performance of the year in that case. I think it starts with me. Coach said it was his fault he didn’t get us prepared and whatnot, but I’m in that starting group for that reason. I just don’t think I brought that energy and effort tonight like I usually do.”

Veteran teammate Klay Thompson has a funny reaction to Podz’s solemn response:

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