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Dillon Brooks shreds Draymond Green with postgame comments

All’s fair in trash talk and basketball, but did Brooks cross the line by using the b-word to describe the Warriors power foward?

2022 NBA Playoffs - Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors
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When Draymond Green went after Dillon Brooks on his podcast, he used a lot of insults. “Idiot.” “Clown.” He said Brooks didn’t understand basketball, that his teammates didn’t like playing with him, and that Memphis would never win a championship until after he left. But after the Memphis Grizzlies embarrassed the Golden State Warriors Thursday night, Brooks devastated Green with just one word: “Blogging.”

Brooks had 14 points and six rebounds in the win. Despite shooting 1-7 from three-point range, Brooks was +22 in his 35 minutes, with a block, a steal, and just three fouls. After the game, Brooks shared his thoughts on Draymond with TNT’s Jared Greenberg.

“I told him, Keep that mic open,” Brooks said. “Keep doing his podcast, keep blogging. Keep doing all that off-the-court stuff. It’s fun for him.”

With that, Brooks succinctly described the gulf between Green’s primary job of NBA player, perhaps the coolest job in the world, and his side hustle as a podcaster, which we know from experience is one of the least cool jobs in the world. Not only that, he effectively called Green a “blogger,” and any SB Nation commenter can and will tell you how lame that job is.

The use of the somewhat-antiquated term of “blogging” further twists the knife. Brooks casts himself above the fray here. While Green is podcasting and tweeting, and arguably being “too online,” Brooks has an Instagram account with zero posts. He can’t be bothered to learn the difference between blogging and vlogging, and probably thinks Green has a LiveJournal.

The other b-word is “bitch,” but “blogger” is almost as insulting. Steve Kerr would probably say Brooks broke the code by saying that, and then Taylor Jenkins would blame Green’s ruptured feelings on Jordan Poole.

Of course, Brooks got some more conventional digs in on Green. After Green said Brooks’ teammates didn’t like playing with him, Brooks called it a low blow.

That was a pointed dig at Green for punching Poole during a practice fight. (Poole was -33 with four turnovers Thursday.) Has that relationship improved since the preseason? Judging by a play from Tuesday’s night’s game with the Oklahoma City Thunder, probably not.

Of course, none of these regular-season comments, staredowns, and one-sided victories mean anything until the playoffs. But right now, Brooks has bragging rights. And blogging rights.

The Warriors return to Memphis in eight days. If you like this rivalry, please like, rate, and subscribe.

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