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Game 5 injury report: All quiet and calm for the Dubs

Less so for Sacramento.

De’Aaron Fox waiting to guard Steph Curry as Curry dribbles the ball Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s time for Game 5. It’s the most important game of the season for the Golden State Warriors. Heck, it’s the most important game of the season for the Sacramento Kings, too.

And I can’t wait. Even if I’m nervous.

Remarkably, after 86 games apiece, the injury report is about as quiet as you’ll ever see it for this game. Unfortunately for the Kings, it still features a big name.

Let’s jump into it.


Out — Andre Iguodala (left wrist surgery)

Iguodala’s re-evaluation is coming up. If the Dubs squeak by the Kings and head to the Western Conference Semifinals, might we see Iguodala, who has only played in eight games this year, presumed to be his final? That sure would be fun...

Out — Ryan Rollins (right foot surgery)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard an update on Rollins, but that’s not a bad thing. Hopefully he’s fully healthy for Summer League.


Out — Matthew Dellavedova (right index finger surgery)

It would have been funny if the Warriors played Dellavedova — who was on the Cleveland Cavaliers team that the Dubs beat to capture their first championship, and also on the Cavs team that beat Golden State the next year — but that was never going to happen. He appeared sparingly for Sacramento this year, and has been out for quite a while.

Questionable — De’Aaron Fox (left index finger avulsion fracture)

The one big name on the injury report, and someone everyone hopes plays. Fox fractured the tip of his index finger on his shooting hand during the tense Game 4, and was originally listed as doubtful for this game. But Fox is one of the toughest competitors in the league, and has already said that he’ll play. Here’s hoping that he’s medically cleared to do so.

Enjoy the game, Dub Nation.

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