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NBA’s Last Two Minute Report says Steph Curry double-dribbled while Harrison Barnes should’ve been called for a defensive 3-second violation

Mistakes were made that benefited both sides.

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game Five Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report of Game 5 of the Golden State Warriors vs. the Sacramento Kings, the referees missed a few key calls on both sides.

Steph Curry apparently double-dribbled on this game-sealing layup:

While Harrison Barnes spent more than three seconds in the paint without imminently guarding a player in this possession, which was a charge call on Kevon Looney that was unsuccessfully challenged:

According to the report, Barnes also should’ve been charged with an offensive foul on this rebound attempt:

Per the report:

Barnes (SAC) clamps and holds Looney’s (GSW) arm, which affects his ability to pursue the rebound.

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