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Dub Hub, Daily Warriors Links for 4/6/23: Draymond Green criticizes ‘ridiculous’ new changes to the CBA

Rounding up all the Warriors and NBA news from around the web. 

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Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Good Morning Dub Nation,

Draymond Green, the vocal leader of the Golden State Warriors, has never been afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the latest news regarding the NBA. He did just that in the most recent episode of his podcast The Draymond Green Show as he blasted the changes to the new NBA collective bargaining agreement, which specifically penalizes high-paying luxury tax teams such as the Warriors.

Via The Draymond Green Show:

“The fact that there is essentially a rule being implemented to essentially destroy what [other] teams haven’t been able to accomplish — I think it’s utterly ridiculous,” Green asserted. “Over the years, all of these rules have been put in place — the Gilbert Arenas rule, the Larry Bird rule with the bird rights — all of these rules to keep players with their teams. Then now, the Golden State Warriors come along and essentially dominate the NBA over the last seven or eight years — now we’re adding rules to try to stop that because [other] teams can’t?

“Why are the Golden State Warriors — Joe Lacob, Bob Myers, and Peter Guber — why are they not being rewarded for drafting well? Why are they not being rewarded for taking care of the guys that they’ve drafted and keeping everyone together and with their team? I think that’s ridiculous.”

Green’s quote references the new rule proposed in the CBA which discourages teams from excessive spending by further limiting their roster flexibility. This includes the removal of things like the taxpayer mid-level exception, using cash in trades, trading first-round picks in drafts that are seven years away, signing players from the buyout market, and taking on more money than is being sent out in trades.

Adding to this, Green also argues that players who were originally drafted by a team should not have their salaries count towards the luxury tax – as opposed to how it is now where organizations are essentially punished for drafting well.

Via The Draymond Green Show:

“I understand certain situations where teams are going out and like getting players in free agency — we’ve clearly decided that there can be separate rules as far as certain teams go — so why isn’t there a separate rule as far as teams drafting guys and being able to keep those guys and them not counting against the luxury tax” Green questioned.

“Now if you want to say — hey you guys should be penalized for Andrew Wiggins — I can’t argue that. I could argue it but I won’t because we went out and we traded for Andrew Wiggins. Although we didn’t sign him in free agency, we traded him for him but I won’t argue that. But, I named five guys on this team that are well above minimum salaries or rookie minimum salaries that were drafted by the Golden State Warriors, and yet, we are the highest tax team. How does that make sense? It actually makes none.”

Green makes some valid points and it will be interesting to see more of his opinion as additional details of the CBA are released in the near future.

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