What is really wrong

Let the blame game begin.

All of Warrior fandom, management, and players, plus the media are so fixated on what or who is to blame for the Warrior's difficult season that has them currently down 1-3 to a very ordinary Lakers bunch led by our nemesis, LBJ. What I find hard to understand is why everyone is so shocked. When a team loses so many players from the previous season, has to scour the bargain basement to find replacement players, stumbles into the post-season with a low seed, after a mediocre regular season, has obvious chemistry issues, and is in the middle of a grand experiment that has never worked in NBA history, should it be a huge surprise if it does not end in a championship? Really?

1. Championship teams in the NBA are always tall compared to the average, this team is short. What they really are is a bunch of guards, a few SF, 2 or 3 power forwards, and no center, size wise. A lot of these guys play way above their size, (Loon, Dray, GP2 etc.) but as a group they are not tall enough. Many are good defenders, but if you are undersized it gives the other team a tremendous advantage. Why so many fouls? That's what happens when little guys have to defend bigger guys. Why not much of an inside game? Duh? Why can't Steph get open more? Give him Bogut clearing out space etc. Remember Bjelica last year? Not a great defender at all, but remember how big he was in the play-offs in small stretches? Replaced by more guards. Otto Porter has not been replaced in any way.

2. Winning while developing the future has not worked out so far. Dray said earlier in the year that historically in the NBA it never has. The Spurs are pointed to as the ideal. They developed only one new superstar (Kawhi) during their years at the top. The Dubs have tried for 3 at the same time. It may be that a contending team only has room to try to develop one Kawhi at a time to lead the next generation. After all, one true superstar can be the foundation around whom you build a great team, if you can find that one. Like Steph. But how often do they come around? Last 5 drafts, no superstar. Meanwhile, the supporting cast needed for contending with the Superstar you have has been neglected a bit in the name of development. Plus, the old group and the new one are getting on each other's nerves while they contend for playing time and money, with big egos that all want stroking.

3. Coaches, like players, need to be put in an environment where they can succeed. Steve Kerr is a great coach, as he has proven. But this is not a good fit for him anymore. Remember last year he put development on hold and didn't play any of the kids during the play-offs: and won. He's most comfortable with vets who know how to play and can master the nuances of his Steph oriented offense and fit in. Give him that, and he will win for you. He doesn't trust kids or really want to. And the kids know this so guess what that does for them? Did you notice that during the regular season they played better when the old guard was given a game off?

4. They never fixed the Salary Cap Tax issues. Another thing that having a little losing in-between dynasties does for you is it allows you to get your payroll down. The Dubs are trying to keep and pay everyone young and old and you can't. Someone (or two) has to go, otherwise all you can sign for your bench are rookies (who Kerr does not want) and minimum salary guys who will likely show you at some point why they are minimum salary guys. Even if they do well, you can't afford to keep them the next year. Right now 5 guys are around 30 mil or more next year, one is a Superstar, one is an All Star, one is great defense, not enough offense, another is the opposite, and one is streaky at both at this point. That won't do. Someone needs to find the courage to fix all of this.

5. The Warriors have a tremendous amount of talent, both on the team and in the farm system. If it were me, I'd be all in on trying to win one more during the Steph era while looking for the next Steph. I'd be lowering the payroll at the top, trading multiple guys plus picks if necessary, looking for a great player, or trading multiple pics for a high pick and hope to pick better. And if guys, young or old don't seem to be working after a year or two, on to the next one. But what I would not accept is another year of making no real changes, hoping for the best.

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