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Dub Hub, Daily Warriors Links for 5/16/23: Steph Curry calls Jordan Poole ‘the key’ to the Warriors’ future

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Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Good Morning Dub Nation,

Jordan Poole has been a hot topic of conversation since the Golden State Warriors’ offseason began last Friday night. His postseason struggles were evident, and the preseason incident between him and Draymond Green remained a dark cloud that lingered over the team throughout the year. Adding to that a four-year, $123 million contract kicking in next season and a Warriors’ roster in desperate need of revamping, makes Poole the natural starting point when discussing potential changes to the team. Having said that, an article by Logan Murdock of The Ringer highlights this moment from one of Poole’s biggest and most important supporters within the organization: Stephen Curry.

Via The Ringer:

But Poole’s postseason performance hasn’t broken the organization’s trust in him. Two nights after a scoreless performance in a Game 4 loss to the Lakers, Poole improved marginally in Golden State’s Game 5 win, as he added 11 points and shot 5-of-14 from the field.

But that game was won by the veterans: Curry finished with 27 points, while Green added 20 points and 10 rebounds in a vintage performance to extend the series. Following the game, I asked Curry how the Warriors could bridge the gap between the dynastic present and an unknown future. Curry paused, then glanced to his left, toward Poole’s locker, and pointed.

“He’s the key,” Curry said, for all to hear, before exiting the room.

A ringing endorsement such as this from the face of the franchise should not be overlooked. Curry still sees the value Poole provides to the Warriors as a secondary scoring threat, especially in his relief. So much so, that he went through great lengths to defend him from criticism throughout the postseason.

Make no mistake, Poole has a few aspects of his game that needs to be addressed, particularly his shot selection and defense. However, this should be expected from a budding 23-year-old in the NBA. Just last postseason, he was averaging 17 points per game on 50.8% shooting from the field and 39.1% shooting from the three-point line enroute to his first championship. If he can regain that confidence, Poole may end up being the “key” to the Warriors’ future after all.

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