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Warriors star Steph Curry thanks Bob Myers for his tenure as general manager

Steph shared a heartfelt message for Bob Myers on his Instagram.

Bob Myers, Steph Curry Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game Seven Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors will have big shoes to fill after general manager Bob Myers announced he will not be returning to the organization for the 2023-24 season. As many in and around the organization reacted to the news following Myers’ press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Warriors star Steph Curry took a moment to give a public thank you to Myers on his Instagram story.

“Before the trophies and the memories over this run,” Curry wrote “I Remember I told you ‘you better get it right!’ And you did. The GM role was great and you did your thing, but Forever grateful for you as a friend forever. Changed each other’s lives! Enjoy the next chapter my guy. Thank you Bob!”

It’s hard to name many people who are more instrumental in Curry’s emergence as the face of the Warriors than Myers. After all, Golden State has become one of the premiere franchises in the NBA as Curry has become an all-time legend. However, that was far from the case when the Warriors first drafted Curry. At that time, the Dubs were one of the few franchises with a track record of incompetence that rivaled Donald Sterling’s Clippers. In fact, Curry and his family were disappointed when the Warriors selected him because they were concerned about the franchise’s ability to build a contender.

While CEO Joe Lacob was the architect of a significant portion of the Warriors' transformation during Curry’s career, it was Myers’ responsibility as general manager to translate that vision into action. His ability to connect with players like Curry played a pivotal role.

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