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Draymond Green is feuding with Jordan Poole’s dad now

Punching Poole wasn’t enough. Now Green is jawing with Poole’s father on Twitter.

Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors
Jordan Poole and Draymond Green share one of their favorite activities: Yelling.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole during a Golden State Warriors practice last year. Now he’s fighting with his dad.

Green was on Patrick Beverley’s podcast this week, where he discussed the preseason punch that likely derailed the team’s efforts to repeat as champions. While he still declined to give specifics on what Poole said or did to provoke his sucker punch, Green implied Poole said “stuff you don’t say amongst men.”

Green said he “doesn’t just hit people,” saying that the incident was the result of a “dialogue.” In a way, that’s true. Draymond usually doesn’t just hit people. He stomps on them or kicks them in the groin. Sometimes he hits them, which anyone who watched the 2016 NBA Finals could tell you.

Jordan Poole’s father Anthony took issue with the podcast appearance, calling Green a “soft as bitch.” (sic)

The elder Poole complained that Green never apologized to him or his wife, and claimed Green avoided him all season. But if there’s anything Green loves more than basketball and podcasting, it’s getting into an online beef. Almost exactly 12 hours later, Green fired back.

We can’t pretend to be experts about the logistics of the Warriors’ friends and family section, but it seems possible that Green could be avoiding talking to Anthony Poole while still being in his presence. What doesn’t seem possible is Anthony Poole actually meeting up with Draymond to have a fistfight over an interview with Patrick Beverley, on a podcast most people didn’t know existed before today.

Clearly Green’s comments struck a chord with Mr. Poole, who had only tweeted twice in the past year before Tuesday night. First, he voted for his son’s three-pointer and celebration as the Michelob Ultra Moment of the night in February.

And in December, Poole informed his followers that his old Instagram account had been hacked.

This is not a particularly online individual. However, Green might have noticed that one of Poole’s few liked tweets was one calling him a bad name.

There’s more about Green’s interview to unpack, like his dubious claim that he doesn’t get “triggered,” especially by his teammates, something Kevin Durant might have an opinion about.

But perhaps we’ve learned the real motivation behind the Poole-Chris Paul trade. It wasn’t about timelines, or luxury tax, or even acquiring an extra point guard who wouldn’t dribble the ball off his foot twice a game. No, it was about the team ensuring Anthony Poole’s personal safety.

We’ve seen what Green can do to a Poole with his fists, so it’s better for everyone’s sake that there’s a continent between Draymond and the Poole family now. The next edition of The Draymond Green Show should be very exciting.

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