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Dub Hub: Steph Curry reveals his favorite compliment from Kobe Bryant

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Tuesday, July 25.

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Warriors News:

Kobe Bryant recognized the ‘killer instinct’ behind Steph Curry’s smile

Steph reveals how close KD’s Warriors return was last season | NBC Sports Bay Area

Steph Curry said he was open to a reunion with Durant and recently revealed more details about the situation and how it played out from his point of view.

“I think there was an excitement or curiosity of, ‘Is this really a legit possibility?’ “ Curry explained on The Ringer’s ”Real Ones” podcast with Logan Murdock and Raja Bell. “And to be honest, I had talked to him maybe once or twice about it specifically, but he wasn’t in the decision-making process so he wasn’t in a position to where he could be like, ‘I want to do X, Y, Z.’ It was just more of a natural conversation.

“And it just spoke to what I just mentioned. Yeah, we know our games gel, we know how to play basketball, so if it ended up being that, of course I’d love to play with him. But it never really got past that. So, again, he wasn’t really in the situation where, he could demand the trade, but he couldn’t really control the outcome of it. So I didn’t really spend too much time after the initial shock of like, ‘Oh he wants out of Brooklyn?’”

Klay Thompson takes part in Moses Moody’s Arkansas basketball camp | 95.7 The Game

“I’m gonna turn y’all into Warriors fans,” Klay said.

“We didn’t plan on having Klay coming up here to talk,” Moody said. “We had him where he could just sit here in the back and slide out before it was over, come to the camp tomorrow and be outta here, but he told us that he wanted to come up on stage and talk to y’all. Appreciate you, my brother.”

Chris Paul Shares Excitement on Joining Golden State Warriors

Will Curry be able to handle the heat?

NBA News:

James Harden discusses Damian Lillard’s situation amidst their respective trade requests

‘I thought it was very informative’: The new technology that could change NBA shooting forever | ESPN

Breakaway Data, which first worked with quarterbacks before expanding to other positions, had a similar setup in an ancillary gym as part of the NBA’s tech summit in connection with the Las Vegas summer league.

Its cameras track the shooters’ movements in 24 joint angles, creating thousands upon thousands of data points which are compiled in a five-page report for each player. The reports are a multicolored collection of graphs, charts and bullet-point insights that focus on three aspects of shooting: the set point (lower body), shot sequencing (path of arms and hands) and release point (elbow and wrist).

NBA Insider Doesn’t See ‘Any Chance’ Donovan Mitchell Stays With Cavaliers | Sports Illustrated

ESPN’s Tim Bontemps does not expect Mitchell to remain in Cleveland long term, and he said on “The Hoop Collective” with Brian Windhorst that he thinks the team should consider planning for life without him.

“I don’t think there’s any chance he signs an extension there ever,” Bontemps said. “And if it was up to me, I would trade Donovan Mitchell today, because I don’t the Cavs are getting as far as they hope to next year, I don’t think he’s going to extend and I think they’ll get a lot more for him with two summers left than they would with one summer left.”

In case you missed it from Golden State of Mind:

The league isn’t fair, and that’s OK

The Green situation brings out a hard truth that we have a natural instinct to want to reconcile: the NBA, like life, is not fair. And the more we digest what has happened, the more we can be pointed in a healthy direction and remember something pretty important: that’s OK.

Green’s relationship — or lack thereof — with Kuminga got the clicks, but the main part of Monte Poole’s report dealt with the fact that the young players on the Warriors, who had grown up hearing about their great leadership and culture, had cold (and probably spicy) water thrown on their face when they saw one of the team’s core figures clock a teammate 10 years his junior in the face. That’s one hell of a pill to swallow.

Warriors sign Lester Quiñones to two-way contract

Quiñones averaged 21.8 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game on .451/.354/.778 shooting with the Santa Cruz Warriors last season and was rewarded by the Dubs with a 10-day contract. He recorded 10 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, and a steal on .400/.500/.600 shooting in 18 minutes across four NBA contests.

Quiñones still seems like a favorite to crack the Warriors roster at some point this season. Golden State still has to fill one spot on the active roster before the start of the regular season and is expected to allow several players to compete for it during the preseason. However, they could be less inclined to give that spot to Quiñones now because he is locked into a two-way deal.

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