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Dub Hub: Steph Curry calls Ray Allen the greatest shooter in NBA history

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Monday, July 31.

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Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Warriors News:

Steph Curry shares who he thinks are the best NBA players ever | TODAY

KD recalls isolating on Warriors after Draymond bench incident | NBC Sports Bay Area

“The play happened, I was going to grab the rebound, he came and grabbed it. I’m thinking he was going to toss it to me and we were going to run up the court and I’m going to shoot the shot,” Durant recalled. “And we all figured that would happen and when it didn’t, I was kind of shocked, and then I was just like, ‘Oh, Dray, like let me see that. Like ‘What are you doing?’ Then he turned it over. I’m just so confused at that point because he never ever did nothing like that before.”

When Durant got back to the Warriors’ bench, he was confused why Green was yelling at him and said the altercation led to him isolating himself after he felt the issue was not dealt with properly.

“And everybody on the bench was confused, too,” Durant explained. Then we came back and I just heard him screaming, and I was like hold up, he’s usually screaming when he comes back to the bench, but what is he saying? Then he started going off and I’m just like ... maybe it’s because I was pissed he didn’t give me the rock.

“Klay [Thompson] was pissed, too. And for him to say that type of s—t to me, it just threw me for a loop. I just started isolating myself after that, because I feel like nobody really talked about it; it was just swept under the rug. And to me, it was like we can move past it, but let’s all talk about it because that’s a huge moment in this whole dynasty.”

Golden State adds former Rockets scout Chuck Hayes to their front office

LeBron James, Stephen Curry Don’t Make Dr. J’s All-Time NBA Top-10 List | Bleacher Report

Erving’s list was made up by some of the usual characters like Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain and others. But he also threw in a couple of more eccentric picks like Elgin Baylor, Karl Malone and Tiny Archibald at the expense of James and Curry.

When asked why he excluded both current superstars, Erving gave a simple explanation.

Neither player has finished their career yet, parts of their stories are still unwritten and Erving needs to see the full body of work before making any declarations. That’s why his list is entirely comprised of guys that hung up their sneakers a long time ago.

Hall of Fame Warrior Chris Mullin turned 60 yesterday

NBA News:

Bronny James seen playing piano, dining out after release from hospital | ESPN

NBA sends memo to all 30 teams regarding Damian Lillard’s trade request to only Heat: Sources | The Athletic

The full NBA memo, which The Athletic obtained:

“Recent media reports stated that Damian Lillard’s agent, Aaron Goodwin, called multiple NBA teams to warn them against trading for Lillard because Lillard’s only desired trade destination is Miami. Goodwin also made public comments indicating that Lillard would not fully perform the services called for under his player contract if traded to another team.

“We interviewed Goodwin and Lillard and also spoke with several NBA teams to whom Goodwin spoke. Goodwin denied stating or indicating to any team that Lillard would refuse to play for them. Goodwin and Lillard affirmed to us that Lillard would fully perform the services called for under his player contract in any trade scenario. The relevant teams provided descriptions of their communications with Goodwin that were mostly, though not entirely, consistent with Goodwin’s statements to us.

“We have advised Goodwin and Lillard that any future comments, made privately to teams or publicly, suggesting Lillard will not fully perform the services called for under his player contract in the event of a trade will subject Lillard to discipline by the NBA. We also have advised the Players Association that any similar comments by players or their agents will be subject to discipline going forward.”

Antetokounmpo staying with the Bucks

In case you missed it from Golden State of Mind:

Three games Jonathan Kuminga took over in the 2022-2023 season

There were 38 instances last season where a player had at least 19 points, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks, and a steal. We’re talking names like Jimmy Butler, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bam Adebayo, and Anthony Edwards. Can you guess who the youngest player to tally that statline was? YOUR BOY KUMINGA.

His performance against the Pelicans on March 3rd showed us why he was a high draft pick: the athleticism, scoring touch, and motor to impact the game on both offense and defense. He came off the bench to help the Warriors overcome a double-digit deficit against a tough New Orleans team.

Review: Steph Curry on ‘Hot Ones’

Wing 9: Watermelon Ghost Hot Sauce by Alchemy Peppers: 641,000 Scovilles

Curry can barely open his eyes, but he doesn’t need to keep his eyes open! We’ve seen him nail a look-away three-pointer countless times. While he says he needs a sweatband, Curry is still taking big bites without any nibbles. Even on “Hot Ones,” he’s going for the big play, and explains to Evans, “I’m winning a real, real significant bet with my family right now.”

While he sweats, Curry describes a memorable play against Kobe Bryant. Despite the Warriors having a 30-point lead in a pre-season game, Bryant picked up Curry full-court, hounding him and bumping him. Then Curry drained a three over him, and called it the biggest “Keep your cool” moment of his life.

Of course, after acting like it was no big deal, he got to the locker room and immediately demanded someone send him the clip. “I need to have it on my phone!”

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