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Dub Hub: Steph Curry motivated by the thoughts of future retirement

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Wednesday, August 2nd.

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2023 NBA Las Vegas Summer League Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

Warriors News:

Stephen Curry talks putting age into perspective | TODAY

Demarcus Cousins doesn’t see the Chris Paul trade ‘elevating’ the Warrior | Warriors Wire

On Tuesday, a former member of the Warriors was critical of the Paul trade. In an interview with Justin Termine and Eddie Johnson, DeMarcus Cousins said he doesn’t understand the Warriors’ trade to acquire Paul. The former All-Star big man says he doesn’t see Paul elevating the Warriors.

Via Sirius XM NBA Radio:

I’m going to be honest; I didn’t understand the Chris Paul trade. Then I looked at it as if maybe this is just a contract thing. Maybe they want to free up the books for the next season. But, as far as it being about basketball, the x’s and o’s on the court, I don’t really see that elevating the Golden State Warriors, to be honest.

When asked why he doesn’t understand the Warriors’ move for Paul, the former Kentucky Wildcat top prospect mentioned Paul’s age.

He is up in age; you got rid of a young youthful guy for an aging veteran. I’m not taking away anything Chris Paul has done throughout his career. I’m just speaking on this stage of his career. I don’t see him elevating the Golden State Warriors. Hey, I could be wrong. He could go find the fountain of youth this summer and come out and win MVP, I don’t know — Sixth Man of the Year, who knows. If they’ve seen what I’ve seen in this stage of his career and the addition to the team, I don’t see that really elevating the Golden State Warriors.

Frye admits Cavs tried to bait Draymond in 2016 NBA Finals | NBC Sports Bay Area

“Of course,” he replied. “What do you mean? Of course. Everybody was trying to bait him. Are you joking? He shouldn’t have had that many fouls. He shouldn’t have been kicking people in their [groin]. It’s not our fault. We’re supposed to take advantage. If somebody’s shoe was untied, I’m going to step on their laces. No harm, no foul. It’s part of the game.

“He knew we were baiting him. If you watch that game, everyone was trying to bait him. And they’re mad about it. You know what you should’ve been mad about? The 25 other technicals. Crazy technicals.”

NBA Draft analyst Jay Bilas calls Trayce Jackson-Davis a ‘steal’ for the Warriors

Paul George discusses the struggles of defending Steph Curry

NBA News:

For Anthony Edwards, 5 is much more than just a number on a jersey | The Athletic

“He’s playing for his family,” Holland said. “It’s a family number.”

Edwards has never opened up about the tragedy or how it affected him since he came to the NBA, but those close to him know he carries those two women with him wherever he goes. Aside from losing to the Nuggets in the playoffs, the smile rarely leaves Edwards’ face. Teammates and coaches are drawn to his fun-loving demeanor, which belies all the heartache and turmoil he suffered as a child.

The scars may not be visible, but those closest to him know the cuts still run deep.

“For sure,” his brother, Bubba, said. “It definitely had an effect, but with basketball, we just loved it growing up. It’s really a getaway. It’s a way to cope and be free, just clear your mind and find some love.”

Eastern Conference: NBA’s biggest what-ifs of the past five years | ESPN

What if the Brooklyn NetsKevin Durant didn’t suffer a pair of knee sprains?

It’s easy to assume something else would’ve befallen this group, given all that went on during their shared time together. But had Durant stayed healthy for either campaign, Brooklyn would’ve remained at the top of the East, the circumstances leading to Harden and Irving asking out of town never would’ve materialized and at least two of the three would likely still be in Brooklyn today — perhaps even having won a championship along the way.

Ranking the NBA’s Most Overrated Players of the Last 5 Years | Bleacher Report

1. Dillon Brooks

It seems like a hefty price to pay for perhaps the worst volume shooter in the NBA. Over the last five years, he’s dead last in effective field-goal percentage among players with at least as many shot attempts. And that inaccuracy certainly hasn’t made him bashful.

Over the same time period, Brooks is 53rd in usage percentage (among 388 players with at least 2,500 minutes). About a quarter of the Memphis Grizzlies’ possessions with Brooks on the floor ended with a shot, turnover or trip to the line for one of the game’s worst shooters.

Dwight Howard on the difference between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

In case you missed it from Golden State of Mind:

Would James Harden make the Clippers contenders in the West?

Of all the teams I’ve listed, the Clippers intrigue me the most. I stated before the season that they might be the biggest threat to the Dubs in the West, and that they were absolutely a championship caliber team.

I was wrong, of course. They only went 44-38 and barely made a peep in the playoffs. But Paul George and Kawhi Leonard combined to miss 56 regular season games, with George absent for playoffs, and Leonard appearing in just two of their five games before elimination.

I maintain that the ceiling is there. Leonard is elite (when healthy) and George is very, very good (when healthy); they were 24-14 last year when both players suited up. Ty Lue is one of the best coaches in the league, and they’re extremely deep.

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