We Asked Chat GPT To Rank The Top 4 Three Point Shooters

We asked Chat GPT to rank the top 3 three-point-shooters. Now Chat GPT is trained on historical data only up to about 2021. For future data we would need to turn to predictive AI Sports Picks models.

Nevertheless, here was the response.

In the high-octane world of hoops, where every bounce of the ball is a heartbeat and every slam dunk sends shockwaves through the arena, one art form has taken center stage: three-point shooting. It's not just about sinking shots from downtown; it's about doing it with a swag that leaves defenders dazed and fans on their feet. As we look back on the past few years, it's impossible to ignore the slick shooters who've turned the three-point line into their own personal playground. Here's a rundown of the slickest snipers who've been making it rain in recent times.

1) Stephen Curry: The Magician of the Arc

When you think of three-point wizards, one name pops up like a neon sign in the night: Stephen Curry. This dude doesn't just shoot threes; he makes them look like an art form. With a flick of his wrist, Curry sends the ball on an otherworldly trajectory, seemingly defying the laws of physics. And the confidence? It's not arrogance; it's pure, unadulterated belief in his own skills. Watching Curry work his magic beyond the arc is like witnessing a street performer juggling fire – you can't look away, and you can't believe what you're seeing. He's shattered records, changed the game, and he's got the audacity to do it all with a grin.

2) Klay Thompson: The Cold-Blooded Sniper

If Curry is the flash, Klay Thompson is the ice running through the veins. One half of the legendary Splash Brothers, Thompson is a machine when it comes to long-range bombs. What sets him apart? The quick release that leaves defenders in the dust. He's like a gunslinger from the Wild West – no need to stare down the opponent; just draw and shoot. But don't be fooled by his cool exterior; Thompson's a stone-cold killer when the game's on the line. He can go from zero to hero in a heartbeat, sinking treys like he's tossing candy to the crowd. His demeanor might be stoic, but his impact is like a thunderclap.

3) Damian Lillard: The Cold-Blooded Sniper

Let's shift gears for a second and talk about a different breed of sharpshooter: Damian Lillard, also known as Dame D.O.L.L.A. This dude's got bars and buckets, and he's not afraid to flaunt either. Lillard has mastered the art of the logo shot – you know, those three-pointers from the center of the court that defy logic? Yeah, he's got that in his arsenal. But it's not just about the range; it's the swag he carries with him. When Dame pulls up, it's like he's telling the defense, "Yeah, I'm about to embarrass you." And more often than not, he does. With ice in his veins and the rhythm of a hip-hop artist, Lillard's three-point game is a symphony of style and substance.

4) Buddy Hield: The Underdog with Upside-Down Range

You might not see Buddy Hield's name flashing in neon lights, but make no mistake – he's been unleashing a three-point tornado that's turning heads. Representing the Sacramento Kings, Hield's got that old-school swagger mixed with a modern-day twist. His deep threes are like a throwback to the days when basketball was played on asphalt courts, with a crowd of friends cheering on. But here's the twist: Hield's range isn't just beyond the arc; it's practically from another zip code. He's got that unexpected, "did he just do that?" factor that keeps defenses guessing and fans jumping out of their seats.

In the End, It's About the Swagger

Sure, stats matter. Records are meant to be broken. But beyond the numbers, it's the swagger, the confidence, and the sheer audacity that define these three-point snipers. They're not just shooters; they're artists, architects of moments that send ripples through the basketball cosmos. From Curry's mind-bending release to Thompson's blink-and-you'll-miss-it threes, from Lillard's logo bombs to Hield's beyond-belief range, these players are rewriting the script of what's possible beyond the arc. So, keep your eyes peeled and your popcorn ready because, in the NBA's three-point circus, you never know when the next act of jaw-dropping audacity will unfold.

Pretty interesting results, and quite a random pull with the Buddy Hield pick in my opinion, but thankfully even AI thinks Golden State has the best two three-point-shooters in the world. But since Chat GPT is several years behind I'll stick to NBA computer picks for game predictions and insights. One other fun note about Chat GPT, if you ask the same question again and again you get different responses. We tried it 3 times and Steph was #1 in all 3 trials!

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