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Warriors showing interest in reuniting Chris Paul and Blake Griffin

A rumor has Golden State interested in adding Griffin, because apparently the team needs to get older and more injury-prone

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers
Chris Paul and Blake Griffin may reunite on the bench again
Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors already added longtime enemy Chris Paul to their roster. Now a rumor has them looking at his former L.A. Clippers teammate Blake Griffin as well.

Just seeing a photoshopped image of Blake Griffin in a Warriors uniform is disturbing. Griffin played 41 games last year for the Boston Celtics, where he averaged 4.1 points and 3.8 rebounds. It’s the lowest numbers of his career, though Griffin did bounce back with 34.8% shooting from three-point range.

Signing Griffin would reunite him with Chris Paul from the “Lob City” Clippers days, though nowadays Griffin doesn’t dunk much - 44 jams in the last four seasons. It’s more like a Lob Rural Community, where the dunks are really far apart from each other and no one visits each other. He’s still a good passer and a smart player, and the Celtics seemed to enjoy him last year. Though not enough to sign him to another minimum deal this season.

Why would the Warriors want to add their old enemy? We have a few reasons.

Draymond needs motivation

Green always took pleasure in shutting down Griffin, the more famous, higher-paid, and more glamorous power forward whenever he faced the Clippers. Imagine his motivation if he was facing Griffin every day in practice.

He has a less talented brother

Steph Curry has Seth. Klay Thompson has Mychel and Trayce. Andrew Wiggins has Nick, his brother who last played for the Brampton Honey Badgers. And Blake Griffin has Taylor, his older brother and college teammate who played eight career games with the Phoenix Suns. They can all exchange high-fives about their less-talented siblings, and probably bully them into bringing over snacks.

Draymond won’t be the only puncher

While Green deservedly got a lot of flak for punching teammate Jordan Poole last season, at least neither one of them got injured. Not only did Griffin repeatedly punch Clippers assistant equipment manager Matias Testi - a man who stands 5’8” - he broke his hand doing so, and missed 4-6 weeks. It’ll let Green know that the Warriors understand that sometimes you just can’t help socking a guy who’s shorter than you.

He already has a podcast

This is huge. Last year, Green and Andre Iguodala had podcasts, as did former team president Bob Myers. Griffin already has a podcast with Audible, called “The Pursuit Of Healthiness With Blake Griffin.” That does not seem like a successful pursuit so far. One of his guests was Karlie Kloss, the wife of Joshua Kushner, which means the Warriors would be hedging their bets on Donald Trump dodging indictments all the way back to the White House.

The Comedy Store might open in San Francisco

Aspiring comedian Griffin is already in at The Store in Hollywood, and he’d be a natural showcase host during off nights for the Warriors. Even if the rumored Store opening doesn’t happen. the NBA rarely plays game son Sunday nights, which is when the Punch Line has its new talent nights. Blake, don’t worry if you don’t get up your first few times. It takes a while for the booker to notice you. Just do your best five-to-seven minutes an you’ll definitely get a shot at hosting on a Wednesday night in Sacramento in a matter of months.

He has other opportunities

Serramonte Kia in Colma is currently looking for a new salesman. Who better than the man who famously dunked over a Kia?

Using an R. Kelly song aged fine, don’t worry, Blake!

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