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Klay Thompson is back hooping in the offseason


Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Two seasons ago Klay Thompson took it easy over the offseason after winning a championship to prevent his body from dealing with the wear and tear. He was fresh off an Achilles injury and an ACL tear, and playing that deep into June creates a very short turnaround for a fresh season.

Ramona Shelburne commented on the Lowe Post about this in 2022:

“There was something in his head that said I don’t want to do that again. I don’t want to put myself in that position. So while he trained and he was in shape, it’s a different level of ramp-up when you’re playing pickup and you are playing five-on-five games and he didn’t do that in the offseason.”

That strategy ended up paying off big time over the regular season, as Klay led the NBA in made threes in a statement season showing that he was truly back to his Splash Bro form But he struggled in the postseason, most notably against the Los Angeles Lakers as the Dubs lost in 6 games in the second round.

His coach Steve Kerr had some thoughts about that:

“The biggest thing for Klay is to have a great offseason,” Kerr said. “At 34, 33, I think, with two major injuries behind him, this is a time where he’s got to be more prepared than ever for the first day of training camp.

“Not only physically handling the injuries and the strength and conditioning part of everything, but also understanding that, as you get older, you’ve got to get better in areas you can improve upon. You can’t rely on the same things you could rely on at 28 or 27.”

Well well well, Klay is back on his pro runs, with some notable hooping going down in the Jordan Law game. Check it out for yourself!

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