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Dub Hub: Klay Thompson ‘excited’ to play with new Warriors point guard Chris Paul

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Tuesday, August 8th.

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Warriors News:

Klay honored to play with all-time great CP3 on Warriors | NBC Sports Bay Area

“We’re lucky. That’s one of the greatest players ever,” Thompson said. “He’s Top 75, he’s elevated every franchise he ran the point for. And me as a shooter, I’m excited. I just know CP’s going to put it right (at my chest) on the seams, he’s going to set me up nice, I’m going to get a couple easy buckets every night.

“And he’s a winner. I played against him so many times, just seeing how competitive he is, he’ll do anything to win. That’s the vibe we want. With the Dubs, it can be [Andrew Wiggins] night one night, it can be Steph [Curry’s] night, it can be mine, it can be [Jonathan Kuminga], Draymond can go and get you 20-10-10 and now to add another weapon like CP.”

Klay admits he never spoke to Steph during rookie season | NBC Sports Bay Area

“I don’t really have that many stories about Steph from my rookie year because we didn’t really speak that much. I was so quiet. When you’re a rookie you don’t want to step on the vets’ toes. I was like the anti-Draymond, Draymond came in he was just yapping the whole time, and he was making his presence felt. I was just kind of in the background like I’m going to do my work like a quiet assassin and just observe.”

Of course, Thompson and Curry eventually formed a close relationship, which, coincidentally, began off the court.

“Our relationship didn’t really build until our third year when we played with Team USA and finally hung out off the court because we had nothing else to do,” Thompson shared. “We were in the Canary Islands and we had nothing else to do so we went and played golf. We finally got to know each other on the golf course and that’s where I learned, ‘Man this dude’s a two-sport athlete.’

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant make an appearance at Team USA’s game against Puerto Rico

Steph Curry’s workout and advice to future basketball players

Corey Joseph withdraws from FIBA World Cup due to back injury

NBA News:

Team USA pulls away from Puerto Rico in World Cup tune-up opener | NBA

There were spectacular moments, there were sloppy moments, there were botched plays and big-time plays. And in the end, the team with far more talent pulled away.

In other words, it went exactly as expected.

Paolo Banchero pretty much blocked a shot with his elbow, Edwards’ head nearly hit the backboard on a dunk, Austin Reaves got cheers the moment he checked in — after all, Las Vegas is a Lakers’ town — and those yells only got louder when he made a jumper just seconds into his first stint with USA across his chest.

It was the first of five exhibitions before the World Cup for the Americans, and the only one that will be played in the U.S. The team flies to Malaga, Spain on Tuesday for games this weekend against Slovenia and Spain, then heads to the United Arab Emirates for games in Abu Dhabi against Greece (Aug. 18) and Germany (Aug. 20).

Blazers’ Scoot Henderson makes bold guarantee for next season: ‘I will win Rookie of the Year’ | CBS Sports

“My goal, obviously, is to win Rookie of the Year, and I will win Rookie of the Year,” Henderson said.

Later in the video he explained his approach to the game and why he has so much self-belief.

“That’s just a mindset, a manifestation that I kind of grew,” Henderson said. “Never doubted myself, you know, making sure I’m always putting good energy in the air, making sure I’m telling myself ‘I’m gonna have a great rookie season.’ I’m not saying I want to have a great rookie season, I’m gonna have a great rookie season. I’m gonna have a great career. I will have a great career and making sure that’s always in just past tense because it happened.”

Former second-overall pick Jabari Parker signs overseas with FC Barcelona

In case you messed it at Golden State of Mind:

Steph Curry joins Paramore on stage for fun ‘Misery Business’ performance

Curry wasn’t just there to accept some applause, though. Instead, as the band began playing its 2007 hit “Misery Business,” he grabbed a microphone and let the crowd hear his vocal chops.

“I watched his wildest dreams come true, not one of them involving you. Just watched my wildest dreams come true, not one of them involving...”

There’s probably a joke I could make here about how Steph was singing about Kevin Durant, but it wouldn’t be more enjoyable than watching the video of Curry’s performance.

Klay Thompson doesn’t need to be ‘flexing four rings, bro’

He also should stop doing the “four rings” move because it’s going to make his new teammate, the ring-less Chris Paul, feel even worse. But Klay’s not going to stop talking trash to opponents, so we have some suggestions for a replacement move.

The Eleven

This one is simple. Klay raises the middle finger on each hand to indicate his uniform number, 11. There’s no way anyone would confuse that gesture for anything else.

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