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Dub Hub: Steph Curry hosts mini camp for next generation of NBA stars

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Friday, September 15th.

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Golden State Warriors All Access Practice Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Warriors News:

Steph Curry pours into the next generation | The Athletic

Payne has been a wizard behind Curry’s world-class skills and conditioning dating back to 2011 when Curry’s recurring ankle injuries hampered his career. He’s been integral to Curry becoming an all-time great and still going strong at age 35.

“When we were working out early, the first three or four years,” Payne told The Athletic, “people would kind of look at it, see what we’re doing, but they just had their own kind of thing. Then, you get to the middle of Steph’s career, and now his contemporaries are guys that went from being guys that were encouraging him to guys that were just flat out jealous of him. So, they didn’t want to work out with him. Now, we’ve gotten to the point where, as his career has progressed, a lot of the young guys are really curious and really interested in coming in to work out with him.”

How Dario Šarić could add “pop” to a staple Warriors half-court set | Dub Nation HQ

Kerr starts by instructing his players to “red” 1-4 (“red” is coach speak for switching ball screens) and tells Jaren Jackson Jr. to drop against high pick-and-rolls. He then tells them to run “Angle Pop” with specific instructions for each player involved.

So, what exactly is “Angle Pop”?

Breaking down the terminology is simple enough. “Angle” comes from the “Angle” pick-and-roll aspect of the set, where the floor is spread and a ball screen is set for the ball handler. “Pop” comes from the fact that the screener pops out after setting the ball screen, after which the ball is fed to him and 5-out “Delay” action is initiated.

Throwback clip of Chris Paul breaking down how he reads opposing defenses

Warriors helping Chris Paul win NBA title is Draymond’s goal | NBC Sports Bay Area

When Youngmisuk asked Green how much he hated Paul before the trade, the Warriors’ star didn’t sugarcoat it, while also revealing his initial thoughts on the blockbuster deal.

“Eleven,” Green said. “Eleven. Hated him. Eleven. Eleven. But I also think that’s a sign of respect. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the most thrilled initially. Like ‘Man, we’re thinking about bringing Chris Paul in.’ I didn’t say ‘No.’ I definitely didn’t say no because, again, I know who Chris Paul is, I know what Chris Paul brings. But it was like ‘Whoa. All right. Cool. All right.’ And then it takes a little adjusting, like ‘Wow, this is real.’ “

New Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. celebrates his 43rd birthday

NBA News:

Lakers agree to a 4-year extension with forward Jarred Vanderbilt

The Athletic’s Shams Charania explains the controversial trade interest in Kevin Porter Jr.

Suns Give Free Antennas to Fans Before Television Shift | Front Office Sports

The Phoenix Suns are giving fans free antennas as the team transitions to broadcasting games locally on over-the-air channels this upcoming NBA season.

Arizona residents can visit to order a free digital antenna and have it shipped to them. Arizona-based antenna manufacturer Channel Master has partnered with the Suns to provide the antennas, which fans can install without cable, satellite, or television subscriptions to watch Suns games this season. The antenna has a cord connecting directly to a fan’s television.

Olympic Sprinter Noah Lyles discusses his viral “World Champion’ comments | I Am Athlete Podcast

In case you missed it at Golden State of Mind:

The new rules will force Steve Kerr to choose a starting lineup

You can certainly make a case that bringing Paul off the bench to lead the second unit is the right move. I think you could also make a case for sliding Wiggins or Thompson into a sixth man role, though we can all agree that they will not do that with Klay.

But the most likely move, to my eye, is that Looney is the odd man out. Last year notwithstanding, the Warriors have had a golden history of success with small lineups, and Paul is a fairly excellent addition to that construction: he’s a quality defender and shooter, and his playmaking will allow the team to run complex off-ball movements for Curry and Thompson simultaneously. Even with his reduced athleticism, Paul is still a transition wizard who can get the team out and running.

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