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Chris Paul is already sacrificing for the Warriors

CP3 made a thoroughly unselfish move for his team: He flew Southwest

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NBA Global Games 2015
Frequent flyer Chris Paul, probably in boarding group C here
Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

When a future Hall of Famer joins a team that’s returning a championship-winning starting lineup, someone has to sacrifice. Chris Paul already showed he was willing to make a huge sacrifice: He flew Southwest Airlines to the Bay Area.

Golden State Warriors veterans are working out ahead of training camp, getting a jump on integrating Paul into the team. According to general manager Mike Dunleavy, the players have set up workouts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. They’re all giving up their off-season time, but only one of them is getting there on Southwest Airlines.

Looking at Southwest’s schedule, I think we can assume that Paul took the 6:30 AM direct flight from LAX to SFO, which got him into town at 7:50. Dunleavy unforturnately did not share whether Paul managed to check into his flight early enough to get in Boarding Group A, which would have saved him important time when disembarking. After all, Paul always has excellent efficiency numbers.

It’s a good sign that Paul is willing to make these sacrifices already, since Steve Kerr hasn’t committed to Paul joining the starting lineup. But if Paul is willing to cram his body into a narrow Southwest Airlines seat, sitting on the bench seems relatively easy.

Of course, he still has some pride, even when taking the MUNI of the sky to San Francisco. It’s not like he took an early-morning flight on Spirit Airlines, which is the BART of the sky.

Still, we need to know more about this flight. Did Paul take the AirTrain? Did Klay Thompson sail to the practice? What took longer: Paul’s flight to San Francisco, or Steph Curry’s morning commute from Atherton? Does CP3 ever make no-look passes with bags of pretzels to his fellow passengers?

But the most important part is the veterans are showing solidarity and teamwork. Because everyone has to be worried that after a whole season with Draymond Green, CP3 will wanna get away.

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