If I were the King of the Forest, . . .

Last year, the Warriors had opportunities to make them far more entertaining, but chose instead to go for another title. First, Klay should have been traded to the Lakers, for Westbrook -for financial - not basketball - reasons. Had they done so, $40 million would have come off the books this year, and Klay would be close to his dad.

After the fisticuffs incident, Greene should have been traded as well (ideally to Detroit). This, too, would not have been a good trade if only basketball skills are considered, but it could have greatly enhanced morale, particularly for the younger players.

A trade that should not have been made was Weissman’s trade to Detroit. He should have been given more time to develop. Patrick Baldwin and Jordan Poole should not have been traded for the same reason, and heads are still scratching from cutting Mac McClung.

Had these moves been made, the Warriors easily could have won 20 or more games. Not 20 more games. 20 total.

But they would have been fun to watch. Watching a rebuild, such as what Don Nelson did in the late 80’s, is like a good soap opera. One gets invested in the team’s future, and understanding the Warriors probably would lose is SO much better than last year’s debacle when the Warriors’ lack of hunger and lack of enthusiasm turned so many potential wins into losses. That was too hard to watch.

The team that could have been would have had a lot of entertainment potential. McClungs’ and Kuminga’s wild dunks, along with hope for a better future with the development of the youngsters would have been fun to watch. Giving Weismann, Poole, Baldwin and Kuminga more minutes and bigger roles would have cut down on the whining, and getting their butts kicked every night would have provided the youngsters valuable lessons, the most important of which is that they have to put in a whole lot of work to get to be as good as they thought they were. Ah, what could have been.

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