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Warriors announce broadcasting details for 2023-24 season

And it’s all pretty much as expected.

Bob Fitzgerald standing on the sideline Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

With yet another NBA season right around the corner, it’s starting to become time to mark your calendars. The Golden State Warriors kick things off by hosting the Phoenix Suns on October 24, and wrap things up on April 14. Between those two dates they’ll play tons of regular season games, compete in a brand-new in-season tournament, and, hopefully gel enough to make a run for a fifth championship in 10 years.

On Thursday, the Dubs released the broadcasting details for the upcoming season, and everything is just as you would expect. It’s once again Bob Fitzgerald and Kelenna Azubuike on the NBC Sports Bay Area television broadcast, with Tim Roye the man behind the mic doing radio play-by-play on 95.7 FM, while Tom Tolbert will provide color commentary for home games.

An hour-long episode of Warriors Pregame Live will precede each TV broadcast, hosted by former Warriors Chris Mullin, Festus Ezeli, and Dorrell Wright, and Bay Area media personality Bonta Hill. That same crew will host Warriors Postgame Live for an hour after the games, followed by a 30-minute episode of Dubs Talk Live hosted by Warriors reporters Kerith Burke and Monte Poole.

70 of the team’s games, plus three of their five preseason outings, will be broadcast on NBC Sports Bay, meaning there’s some overlap with the national broadcasts, of which there are 29: 12 each on TNT and ESPN, and five on ABC (which you can watch on the ESPN app). The team will also have 12 games on NBA TV in the 2023-24 season, which is the penultimate year in the league’s nine-year deal with those four channels.

For those who really want to get granular with their calendars, here’s the full list of nationally televised games on each channel:

On ESPN: Oct. 13 at the Lakers (preseason, ESPN2), Oct. 15 at the Kings (preseason), Oct. 27 at the Kings, Nov. 8 at the Nuggets, Nov. 22 at the Suns, Nov. 24 vs. the Spurs, Dec. 22 vs. the Wizards, Jan. 10 vs. the Pelicans, Jan. 19 vs. the Mavericks, Feb. 14 vs. the Clippers, Feb. 25 vs. the Nuggets, March 6 vs. the Bucks, March 18 vs. the Knicks, and March 20 vs. the Grizzlies.

On TNT: Oct. 24 vs. the Suns, Nov. 28 at the Kings, Dec. 12 at the Suns, Dec. 19 vs. the Celtics, Jan. 4 vs. the Nuggets, Jan. 15 at the Grizzlies, Jan. 25 vs. the Kings, Jan. 30 vs. the Sixers, Feb. 22 vs. the Lakers, Feb. 29 at the Knicks, April 2 at the Mavericks, and April 9 at the Lakers.

On ABC: Dec. 25 at the Nuggets, Jan. 27 vs. the Lakers, Feb. 10 vs. the Suns, March 3 at the Celtics, and March 16 at the Lakers.

On NBA TV: Oct. 7 vs. the Lakers (preseason), Oct. 18 vs. the Kings (preseason), Oct. 20 vs. the Spurs (preseason), Oct. 30 at the Pelicans, Nov. 11 vs. the Cavaliers, Nov. 16 vs. the Thunder, Dec. 14 at the Clippers, Dec. 28 vs. the Heat, Jan. 2 vs. the Magic, Jan. 13 at the Bucks, Feb. 2 at the Grizzlies, Feb. 5 at the Nets, Feb. 12 at the Jazz, March 11 at the Spurs, and March 31 at the Spurs.

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