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Dub Hub: ‘Everyone but Steph Curry’ is reportedly available for trade as deadline nears

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Friday, January 12th.

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Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Warriors News:

All trade options for the Warriors except for Steph Curry are ‘on the table’, per report

Kawakami: The Warriors need to make changes; here’s a guide to what could happen now | The Athletic

I think there is some thought of acquiring a true center to change the way they play. Now, of course, the way they’ve played has helped them to four championships, mostly without a true center. Curry has been at his best when the Warriors play small and don’t stick a lumbering big man in his way. But the group they’ve got now is both too small and too stagnant, which is not a good combination. A strong big man who can score on the post might be a nice wrinkle.

Dejounte Murray emerging as perhaps the most likely All-Star-caliber talent to be moved | Yahoo Sports

With Siakam, several teams continue to value Toronto’s lanky playmaker. Sacramento, Indiana, Detroit and Dallas mark four suitors NBA executives keep listing as active buyers that have explored avenues to land Siakam. But for any interested party, like when Murray’s Hawks pursued Siakam this past summer, or even the struggling Golden State Warriors, who’ve discussed Siakam internally, sources said, any front office acquiring Siakam has to significantly weigh the clear messaging from Siakam’s side of this equation. He holds a direct path to unrestricted free agency this summer, and Siakam can simply walk to the highest bidder on the open market just as his former teammate Fred VanVleet did for Houston in June. Siakam’s group, according to league sources, does feel confident similar top-dollar offers will be available as the 29-year-old has rounded into All-Star form within a Toronto offense that’s featuring Scottie Barnes. Siakam doesn’t appear to have any interest in the two-year extension he could sign after being dealt this season compared to the maximum, long-term contract he plans to command as a free agent, sources said.

Silver addresses Draymond conversation, happy for Warriors star’s return | NBC Sports Bay Area

Silver spoke to the media Thursday before the Cleveland Cavaliers-Brooklyn Nets game in Paris, France and he was asked about the talk he had with Green. The commissioner didn’t deny the claim that he convinced Green not to retire.

“In terms of Draymond, at the time we were having those conversations, certainly from my standpoint, they’re private,” Silver said. “That’s his right, if he chooses to make them public. There was certainly no agreement that we had that everything was private, but I’ll leave it to him to comment on what we discussed.

“I would be speaking up if he were saying something that wasn’t consistent with our discussions. I would just conclude by saying I’m pleased he’s close to being back. And my sense is that he used his time away from the floor very productively.”

Klay Thompson shares his thoughts on the boos from the Chase Center crowd after last night’s game

NBA News:

A 3-Team Trade to Save the Lakers and Finish the Grizzlies | Bleacher Report

Even during the horrid start during Morant’s 25-game suspension, the Grizzlies were confident (per other team’s executives) that they would still be a postseason factor, even if that meant getting in through the play-in tournament. But now, that dream appears to be over.

And with Bane’s extension kicking in July 1 (starting at $34 million in 2024-25), the small-market Grizzlies are facing big-time financial hurdles. Will a team that has avoided paying luxury taxes jump full-on into the apron-level penalties?

Those competing executives don’t think so; Memphis should expect some phone calls in the coming days and weeks ahead of the February 8 trade deadline.

NBA plans for draft to become two-night event, sources say | ESPN

Among a number of reasons for the expansion of the event, including the programming for television rights partners, the NBA and teams are hopeful that the hours between Wednesday night’s first round and Thursday’s second round will give teams more time to make trades and plan out strategies for the second night.

NBA report: No link between load management, less injury risk | ESPN

“Results from these analyses do not suggest that missing games for rest or load management — or having longer breaks between game participation — reduces future in-season injury risk,” the report said, in bold type, in its summary.

“In addition, injury rates were not found to be higher during or immediately following periods of a dense schedule.”

The report said that remained true even when factoring in things like player age, minutes played and injury history.

NBA releases the second returns for All-Star fan voting

In case you missed it at Golden State of Mind:

Does Andrew Wiggins have any trade value?

The Wiggins and Kuminga pairing has been so bad that even Steve Kerr has publicly denounced it, calling the two “redundant.” Personally, that feels like a bit of a copout (I support copouts from coaches though, if it means not trashing their players to the media). With the exception of centers and deeply flawed players, redundancy is only a bad thing on the basketball court if the players aren’t good. Kuminga has removed stagnancy from his offensive game, and turned into a dynamic and versatile defender; no one should be negatively redundant with JK’s skillset. Kuminga’s inefficient three-point shot this year keeps him from being a dynamic pairing with fellow players who aren’t weapons from deep, but the Warriors have done just fine when the youngster is paired with a limited outside weapon in Payton, or non-shooters in Kevon Looney and Trayce Jackson-Davis, the latter of which has been one of their best two-man lineups this year.

So when Kerr calls the pairing “redundant,” it really seems to be a quiet admission that Wiggins is simply not playing well ... and that looks even worse when sharing the court with someone showing all the signs of taking his job.

Moses Moody ruled out for Friday’s game

It’s a tough blow for the Warriors and for Moody. While the bulk of the team played horribly on Wednesday, Moody was one of the lone bright spots. He came off the bench to score 21 points and was one of the few players interested in playing defense, and his contributions were good enough that he was inserted into the starting lineup for the second half. He seemed likely to start on Friday if healthy, and in his last two games — after spending four games out of the rotation — has tallied 42 points on 15-for-27 shooting (including 8-for-14 from deep), with just one turnover and four fouls. The Warriors have been outscored by nine points when Moody has been on the court during those two games ... and they’ve been outscored by 42 points when he’s been on the bench.

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