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Former Warriors guard goes on shoplifting spree

Ryan Rollins was accused of repeatedly stealing from a Target in Virginia

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Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors
Ryan Rollins, preparing to reach for Trayce Jackson-Davis’ wallet in December.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Ryan Rollins has nine steals in his brief NBA career. Sixteen if you count trips to Target.

The Washington Wizards waived Rollins Monday, a surprising move given his youth and the Wizards’ miserable 6-30 record (now 6-31). It made more sense after The Athletic reported that the former Golden State Warriors guard had been charged with seven counts of “petit larceny.” That name makes it sound like he’s been accused of some tiny, adorable thefts of French products, like taking home a baguette or a beret without paying for it.

“Petit larceny” actually refers to thefts of less than $1,000 in value, making the thefts officially misdemeanors. and also baffling, since Rollins is making $1.7 million this season, and has $600K owed for next year, even after his release. It suggests that this is thrill-seeking behavior, no matter how tempting Target’s extensive product selection might be.

Rollins is accused of shoplifting items like groceries, candles, and body wash from a Target in Virginia. That last item makes a lot of sense, because the Wizards stink. Allegedly, Rollins did it on seven occasions, which means he has more incidents of shoplifting than minutes per game in his NBA career. In addition, Rollins can’t use the Wizards’ miserable year as an excuse for his criminal behavior, since the shoplifting allegedly began September 9, a month before the season even began.

Still, the same qualities that made Rollins such a good defensive prospect would also make him an excellent shoplifter, He has quick hands. His wingspan is 6’10”, giving him the reach to steal products from either side of a Target aisle. Rollins also has a vertical leap of over 36 inches, suggesting that even products on the highest shelves are no match for him.

But much like his play on the court, Rollins clearly has trouble finishing. He’s easily deterred by big men, and apparently, store security. Rollins may have more game tape on the Target security cameras than he does in his NBA career.

It’s been a tough season for all three players the Warriors sent to the Wizards. Jordan Poole’s numbers have plunged across the board, from scoring to assists to free throws. Patrick Baldwin Jr. has appeared in just nine games all season, none in 2024 so far. And Rollins is facing fines and NBA unemployment.

That’s a long way from the summer of 2022, when the Warriors sent the No. 51 pick and two million dollars to move up to No. 44 and get Rollins. The Warriors thought he could be the steal of the draft. Turns out he’s just stealing.

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