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Warriors move to 1-0 on the season in Kerith Burke games

The Warriors longtime sideline reporter returned from maternity leave as the Warriors got a big win over Orlando.

Kerith Burke returned to the sidelines Tuesday from her maternity leave.
Photo by JANE TYSKA/MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors may be below .500 this season, but they’re undefeated in games where Kerith Burke is working the sidelines.

Burke, the Warriors’ sideline reporter since 2017, returned from maternity leave just in time for Golden State’s 121-114 win over the Orlando Magic. She had her first child at the end of August, and missed the first three months of the season caring for her son Rory - and singing him Barry White songs.

Ironically, Burke missed time while some of the Warriors players were acting like babies. We had bench tantrums from Klay Thompson, while Draymond Green is on a very long “time out” until he learns that it’s not OK to hit. Thompson also learned a lesson about hitting last night, when he elbowed a chair in frustration and it hit him right back.

However, Thompson did vow after the game to move on from his negative energy, and become a better mentor/babysitter to the young Warriors who are keeping this season alive as the veterans struggle.

The Warriors are now 1-0 on the season in Burke games. We haven’t crunched the individual game numbers - Ms. Burke occasionally gets some days off - but in the entire Kerith Era, the team is 267-199. That’s a very solid record for the NBA Sports Bay Area reporter. Obviously the opportunity to appear on Dubs Talk Live is a motivating factor for the Warriors players.

Burke didn’t just hang out with her new baby during her hiatus. She also achieved a longtime goal of meeting other people named Kerith on the Defector podcast “Name Dropping.” They assembled a panel to discuss the unusual name, which they dubbed “the largest gathering of Keriths in recorded history.”

But Warriors fans only need one Kerith, a talented reporter whose mere presence guarantees victory. We look forward to Golden State winning the remainder of their games the rest of the way, at which point Rory should definitely receive a full share of the playoff prize money.

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