In case of emergency break team

Many people are saying

Many fans are saying

big fans, strong fans, with tears pouring down their ruddy, painted faces

they say sir, the dynasty is over...

Whether we miss the playoffs, or get knocked in the 1st round, or luck up and catch a Lakers or Mavericks in the first round and then get demolished in the 2nd, I expect this is the end of the win now mode we've been in for about 11 years now. So as most of you know I've been preferring to send Draymond home to Michigan if he leaves, for a while now, as there haven't been contenders for whom he has been a good fit of late. And if Steph has to leave to get another ring, because we can't fix this for him without either a lot of cap space or a lot of picks, we won't be able to, so who could be an instant contender with him and also spare the assets?

Houston could. In this scenario,

Houston receives: Curry, Wiggins

Golden State receives: Landale, Tate, Amen Thompson, Ausar Thompson

Detroit receives: Van Vleet, Draymond Green

Houston would then be in a good spot to finesse in another salary- adding trade by the skin of a million or two which would shake the everything.

Philly receives: 2026 Brooklyn 1st unprotected, all three 2026 2nds from Houston, the rights to swap up to Brooklyn's 1st in 2025 and 2027, Brooks, Jeff Green, Sengun, and Whitmore which is about 41m to Embiid's 51.9 lol right barely under the tax with cap holds for the 2024 picks including -I would recommend- a stretch 5 with the Brooklyn 1st this year such as Filipowski to directly back up Embiid. I think they should also keep the 2nd round draftees this year to squeeze a coulpe more million toward the MLE great veteran shooter (big Bog, Hield, Joe Harris, etc.) they're gonna want on the wing for true instant contention.

Lookin at:


ringchasing veteran guard (Morris, a Jones, Jevon Carter, DSJ, etc.)

defensive rooky guard

Jalen Green

top veteran shooter (Detroit's Bog, Hield, Joe Harris, Kennard, etc.)



shooter rooky forward

Jabari Smith


stretch 5 rooky (Filipowski type)

That team beats the current Celtics 10 out of 10 series.

and for us:





(Klay? on a 1 year?)




(cash in?) Landale

(buy out?) Looney

we have our pick in 2025, which should be an actual good draft (the 2024 shit is trash!!) and if we actually use RFA with Moody and Kuminga we would have about 80m space in summer 2025 which should have actual good free agents (the 2024 shit is trash!!)

If we're gonna have a fire sale this would be a pretty straightforward one.

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