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Draymond Green’s three-point shot is reliable again


Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat

Draymond Green is notorious for taking shots at rivals, whether with hardnosed physicality or his boisterous mic skills. Sometimes he’s like a WWE professional wrestler trapped in a basketball player’s body, alternating from hero to villain and never giving a damn every step of the way.

But one place where Golden State Warriors fans have always wanted more consistency from him is taking a different kind of shot: the kind where the ball goes in from beyond the arc when he’s unguarded. That’s right folks, a three-pointer!

Perhaps it’s a bit unfair to expect Green, Golden State’s defensive enforcer and floor general, to add “marksman shooter” to his repertoire. But, opposing teams have made it very clear they are willing to leave the power forward alone beyond the arc if it means putting more attention on the Warriors orbiting shooters like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Is there a louder noise in Chase Center (previously in Oracle Arena too) when Green drills a deep bomb and starts woofing it up down the court as the crowd goes insane? Green hitting that shot not only kills the defense’s scheme, but it makes the Warriors seem invincible.

And after he shot just under 39% from downtown during the team’s magical 2016 season, it’s easy to see why Dub Nation would have expectations for him to be at least a threat from that range if he’s all alone. But since that season he’s never shot higher than 31% from trey range, sometimes putting a damper on Golden State’s spacing and momentum. Random, but does anybody remember this?

But now, Green is shooting a robust 41.8%, rather Korvian numbers if you ask me (as in Kyle Korver). After last night’s win over Philly where Green shot 2-of-4 from beyond the arc, he was asked about his great shooting this year:

I love his response about being in rhythm and not overthinking it. Back in 2020 I talked to Green’s trainer Travis Walton about the three-point shooting and he echoed this exact sentiment.

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