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J.J. Redick talks the Warriors last hurrah and the end of the modern dynasty

Will anyone duplicate Golden State’s reign of terror going forward?

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

I’m sure there’s many members of Dub Nation who probably have a knee jerk basketball reaction to the name J.J. Redick. In college he was a deadly scorer with a swag that personified everything people used to hate about his alma mater Duke. He was also a big part of those Los Angeles Clippers teams that used to bully the young Splash Bros around before they got their sea legs.

Now he’s a retired hooper turned analyst and his insights are proving why he was an NBA pro for fifteen years. His podcast, “The Old Man and the Three” has already featured Warrior legends like Steph Curry!

And Draymond Green!

And Andre Iguodala!

So, you know he’s not a hater of the Dubs, no matter how much pain they caused him during their dynastic run. That’s why his recent episode entitled, “Celebrating the Golden State Warriors and the end of the Modern Dynasty” is a really good listen for anyone who is interested in a sharp eye on examining the Dubs long ride, today’s NBA economic landscape, and the difficulty of keeping a good thing going.

Whether or not the Warriors can keep their chase for the rings alive is yet to be seen, but however this thing ends, we know that it’s something that probably won’t be duplicated anytime soon.

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