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Dub Hub: Steve Kerr believes return of Chris Paul and Gary Payton II is a better upgrade than any trade

Rounding up all Warriors and NBA related news for Thursday, February 1st.

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Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Warriors News:

Steve Kerr shares his thoughts on the upcoming trade deadline

Why Draymond believes JK is becoming a ‘star’ with Warriors | NBC Sports Bay Area

“In other news, Jonathan Kuminga is a star, man,” Draymond Green emphatically said on the latest episode of “The Draymond Green Show.” “That young fella is a stud. Getting to the basket at will, finishing with the best of them, getting to his spots — nobody can stop him from getting to his spots. [He’s] showing you the promise that we’ve all believed is there. He’s stepping into that now. He’s playing a big role on this team now and that’s not changing, no time soon.

“[Kuminga’s] been very dominant ... And if I’m not mistaken, that’s seven straight games of over 20 points. And it’s a dominant 20, like, you notice it. It ain’t just like he’s just coming up with 20. ‘Oh, I didn’t know,’ no, you’re noticing him dominate.”

Kawakami: Jonathan Kuminga is the change agent in the Warriors’ urgent evolution | The Athletic

Earlier this season, if Curry and Klay weren’t lighting it up, the team was done, because it probably wasn’t coming from anywhere else. But with Draymond willing Wiggins and Kuminga to the right spots and pushing them to be their best selves, suddenly, the Warriors have some other options. Even some real transition options — Kuminga is their best open-court player in years and they’re getting two or three buckets a game lately just by him running after opponents’ missed shots, getting an outlet pass and finishing through whoever dares try to stand between him and the basket.

This all comes at a very important big-picture moment for the Warriors, of course. Wiggins’ presence had been blocking Kuminga’s way, which led to serious thought of trading Wiggins at the upcoming deadline just to clear minutes and money; it’s also what led to Kuminga all but requesting a trade a few weeks ago; but if the duo can play together like they’ve done the last few games, everything about this roster makes more sense

Hollinger: My 2024 NBA All-Star reserves, featuring Derrick White (and no Stephen Curry) | The Athletic

Fox has been a revelation on defense this season, and this stand against Curry at the end of the Warriors-Kings game last week was emblematic of it. This wasn’t some random one-off; it’s shown up on tape time and again through the first half of the season. Curry, meanwhile, has dropped off substantially on this end and become a hugely popular target for opponents. I can make a lot of different arguments here, but taking Curry over Fox right now feels weird (*dodges lightning bolt*) based on what I’ve seen the last several weeks. It’s OK to think the 35-year-old version of Curry is still awesome but also think he’s not quite as awesome as he was two years ago; virtually every data point is screaming that from the hilltops.

Draymond Green is not a fan of the new 65-game threshold to win NBA awards

NBA News:

‘Unintended consequences:’ NBA exec Joe Dumars discusses the 65-game threshold and its possible effect on certain stars | Yahoo Sports

“You’re always gonna have unintended consequences, that’s the first thing” NBA executive vice president Joe Dumars told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday afternoon. “The second thing, you kind of knew that the first couple of guys that were going to get close to that mark, it will become an issue. So it probably was going to become a talking point at some point.

“It could’ve been a month from now. The number is what the number is. I’m not surprised, [though].”

NBA Draft 2024 presented by State Farm expands to 2 nights | NBA

The first round will continue to have five minutes between draft picks. For the second round, the time between draft picks will increase to four minutes from two minutes.

“Based on feedback about the NBA Draft format from basketball executives around the league and my own experience in draft rooms, we believe that teams will benefit from being able to regroup between rounds and having additional time to make decisions during the second round,” said Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President, Head of Basketball Operations. “Two nights of primetime coverage will also enhance the viewing experience for our fans and further showcase the draftees.”

Bucks’ point guard Damian Lillard receives standing ovation during his first game back in Portland

In case you missed it at Golden State of Mind:

And now for a defining stretch of the season

Golden State will be on the road for five games, culminating in a brutal back-to-back next Wednesday and Thursday against the Philadelphia 76ers and Indiana Pacers, led by their respective MVP candidates Joel Embiid and Tyrese Haliburton.

And that fifth and final game? It tips off just four hours after the 2024 NBA trade deadline. Don’t be surprised if the Warriors pack their trio of two-way contracts with them on the cross-country trip, just in case they’re shorthanded when that game rolls around.

Stephen Curry gives his Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl Prediction

The Niners’ presence was announced over the jumbotron and the crowd went absolutely berserk, showing love to a team that uniquely personifies grit and starpower. As the Dubs put the closing touches on their victory over the 76ers, Curry pointed out 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuels in the crowd after hitting a beautiful trey. Draymond Green hit his trademark flex and 49ers tight end George Kittle gave a big flex of his own.

With all that mutual admiration in the air, I had to ask Curry what his championship game prediction was last night in the postgame conference.

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