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Part time geek, full time basketball enthusiast. Warriors fan since the mid naughties with a soft spot for Orlando and San Antonio (thanks to J-Rich, Boom Dizzle, Stephen Curry, Shaq, Duncan, Parker & Pop respectively). I live in Scotland. When I'm not watching basketball, playing basketball, talking basketball or writing about basketball, I like to spend my spare time binge watching TV shows and becoming immersed in video games. My main goal is to try and find a way to integrate the cold hard facts of basketball stats with the artistry and beauty of basketball. Why choose between the eye test and statistical analysis when you can have both? Always trying to develop my writing ability. Any and all feedback is appreciated (and welcomed)

Andre Iguodala, Carmelo Anthony and the value of stars sacrificing

For the Thunder to truly succeed, Carmelo Anthony should follow the example set by Andre Iguodala and embrace a more limited offensive role.

Warriors season review: Zaza Pachulia

We review the season Zaza Pachulia had with Golden State and look ahead to his future.

Peak levels: A recap of the Warriors first two rounds.

Recapping the Warriors first two rounds statistically and asking just what the hell is happening in the second quarter.

Warriors decimate Trail Blazers (110-81) without Kevin Durant

Golden State locked in defensively and the bench unit stepped up in the Game 2 victory against Portland.

Preview: Pelicans visit Oracle for Durant's return.

Kevin Durant is set to return against the Pelicans on Saturday night...

Steve Kerr and the Warriors’ offense: Why don’t we see more pick & roll?

Examining what Kerr has achieved and the argument for and against more pick and roll action.

Preview: Golden State looks to continue winning streak against Washington.

Warriors will try to extend their winning streak to 11 as they match up against one of the top Eastern Conference teams.

Recap: Wizards beat Warriors 112-108 as KD injures knee

The Washington Wizards thwart Warriors comeback efforts to win the game.

Preview: Warriors face Nets as Curry continues to heat up

Golden State faces Brooklyn at 10:30pm EST

The art of the assist part 2: The potential of a pass

The second part of a series looking at assist and passing statistics, investigating the pro's and con's.