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Oakland, CA based writer, musician, and sports enthusiast. AKA "Goldbloodedking". Warriors fan by birthright. @weaponizedjoy on Twitter

Thinking Basketball analyzes how Steph Curry’s playmaking evolved

Those defensive traps don’t work as well as they used to on the two-time MVP, eh?

What can Lillard and Giannis learn from Curry and Durant’s pairing?

Getting stars on your team doesn’t mean they’ll align for titles...

Jeremy Seese wins Defensive Player of the Year award for Warriors Gaming

Golden State’s pro NBA 2K team won the title, and now it’s time to put some respect on the name of the players who made it happen.

Where does Kevon Looney rank in the big men of today’s NBA?

He’s top 25, right??

Rudy Gay is a past Warriors’ trade machine dream come true

Over a decade in the making, Gay now has a chance to don Golden State’s uniform.

How can Chris Paul help Andrew Wiggins unlock his game?

Make him an All-Star again!

Who is the best dunker on the Warriors, Kuminga, Wiggins, or Payton II?

Ooo this is gonna be a good one.

Stephen Curry’s defensive highlight reel is in full effect

The scoring machine’s status as a 2-way player has never been higher

Klay Thompson is back hooping in the offseason


An appreciation for Draymond Green’s technical fouls

The refs stay hating on him. Also he’s a tremendous troll on the court!