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Oakland, CA based writer, musician, and sports enthusiast. AKA "Goldbloodedking". Warriors fan by birthright. @weaponizedjoy on Twitter

Stephen Curry gives his Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl Prediction

He’s got love for the Chiefs and for the 49er Faithful.

Andrew Wiggins continues hot streak in Warriors win over 76ers


Coach Kerr: “Kuminga and Wiggins are feeding off each other, playing well”

Golden State’s athletic wings are starting to figure things out.

Steph Curry: not an All-Star starter, but still leads NBA in jersey sales

They still love Steph!

Preview: Warriors take on 76ers at home in Chase Center

Will Embiid and Maxey be available to play?

Warriors need Klay to be Klay against the Lakers

The Lakers caused issues for Klay Thompson in last year’s playoffs, but he showed signs of bouncing back against them in last night’s loss.

Blown leads have defined this Golden State Warrior season so far

These Dubs are struggling to put teams away.

LeBron vs Steph takes center stage yet again in the NBA world

These two stars have defined the modern era of basketball, and their clashes continue to be riveting year after year. BE GRATEFUL!

Harrison Barnes got his vengeance game on the Golden State Warriors

The Black Falcon was on fire!

Preview: Warriors take on Lakers for NBA Rivals week