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Full-time Warriors fan since 2006. Majoring in geology, minoring in chemistry and geospatial analysis. Masquerades as a caped crusader by night, though you could never prove that.

11-Game Win Streak: If You Don’t Like It, Stop It


10-Game Win Streak Celebration

The Toaster Streak reaches 10 wins

Weekly OT Thread: Playoffs Cometh

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Postgame Party

Warriors v Spurs III: Second Half Thread


Instant Recap: Warriors top Knicks, 112 - 105

The Warriors forged through adversity to halt the mammoth losing streak at two games.

Weekly GSoM OT Thread, Feb. 12-18

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Warriors at Thunder Recap: Durant booed in 130 - 114 victory

The Warriors leaned heavily on their biggest stars to wrangle a physical win away from the Thunder. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and the OKC fanbase were the stars of the night.

GSW @ OKC Second Half Thread: There will be boos

GSW heads to the lockerroom up 73 - 50

Weekly GSoM OT Thread, Feb 5 - Feb 11

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