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Raised in the Bay Area. Love basketball, so anything and everything about the sport interests me. Always interested in different angles and perspectives when writing. Writing is a passion and a craft that I am continuing to improve each and every day. Outside of GSoM, I work in the Finance field, so I tend to geek out with numbers. Glad to have found this community and always looking for feedback on my writing.

Warrior Wonder: Strength in Numbers

When down in crunch time, it was a collective team effort that proved that strength in numbers was the true Warrior on display.

Preview: Warriors hit the road for a showdown with the Knicks at the Garden

A red hot Stephen Curry and the Warriors head to Madison Square Garden to continue their rampage on the league

Damian Jones is rising like a Phoenix from the ashes

Damian Jones has faced tough competition to start the season and has been stellar. He earns Warriors Wonder for stepping up big.

Warriors season preview: Last Dance in Oakland deserves a 3-Peat

SB Nation asked us to put together a season preview for the Warriors. Daniel, Jannelle, and Greg did the honors.

Roundtable: Predicting the Western Conference standings

We pooled our thoughts on who’s in, who’s out, and where the Warriors end up.

NBA Finals Game 2 Preview: Warriors aim to take a 2-0 lead against the Cavs

After a highly contested and somewhat controversial game one, the Warriors and Cavs square off again. Will the Cavs be able to recover from their game one blunder?

GSoM Roundtable: Reactions from Game 1 of the NBA Finals 

After a wild finish in game, the GSoM crew got together to react to what just happened.

GSoM Roundtable, Part 2: What if Chris Paul never got hurt?

The GSoM crew debriefs the Western Conference Finals and weighs in on key moments of the series. Part two of our roundtable.

GSoM Roundtable, Part 1: What was the key turning point in the WCF?

The GSoM crew debriefs the Western Conference Finals and weighs in on key moments of the series. Part one of our roundtable.

Game 6 Preview: Facing elimination, the Warriors must dig deep

In unfamiliar territory, the Warriors face one of their greatest challenges in an elimination game vs the Rockets at home.