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Raised in the Bay Area. Love basketball, so anything and everything about the sport interests me. Always interested in different angles and perspectives when writing. Writing is a passion and a craft that I am continuing to improve each and every day. Outside of GSoM, I work in the Finance field, so I tend to geek out with numbers. Glad to have found this community and always looking for feedback on my writing.

Warrior Wonder: Kevin Durant is the lone bright spot after an ugly loss

Nothing was falling the Warriors way in game 2. Kevin Durant did his best to attempt to keep Dubs in the game.

Top 10 things to look for in the Western Conference Finals

With the Rockets and Warriors set to square off on Monday, it’s time to dig deeper into things to keep an eye out for in this series.

Analysis: Andre Iguodala is the Warriors ultimate secret weapon

Andre Iguodala has been saving himself for the playoffs and damn has he looked good so far.

Warrior Wonder: Klay Thompson ignites the charge

After the Warriors started off slow in the first half, Klay Thompson was out to get buckets tonight.

Warriors vs Suns Preview: Is the regular season over yet?

Are the Warriors caught in a slumber and unmotivated by the regular season or is their recent play indicative of what is to come in the postseason?

What was the most ridiculous moment this season for the Warriors?

Last night’s game stunk, so let’s take another approach and talk about some of the more ridiculous moments this season.

Warriors vs Kings preview: Bigger than basketball

The NBA is a league of entertainment but the platform and voice they have extends beyond the court. The Sacramento Kings have shown us what it means to truly be a part of the community.

Warrior Wonder: Nobody

Nobody deserves Warrior Wonder tonight. Instead, we have a short poem for the missing men in action.

Warriors vs Trail Blazers Preview: Game recognize game

A matchup of two of the hottest teams in the NBA. Get your popcorn ready.

Wizards vs Warriors preview: Round 2, fight!

The Warriors aim to stay perfect coming out of the all-star break as they head to Washington to face Bradley Beal and company.