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Oakland sports fan living in San Francisco. I enjoy being a student of the games, learning the nuances of the major American sports at the highest level. Love spending time on message boards reading and responding to opinions and discussing my home town teams.

Finals recap: A Gentlemen’s Sweep

Warriors ride their three MVPs to the NBA Championship!

The forgotten MVP has returned

Last year’s unanimous MVP has not received much attention for his incredible performances during the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

The Warriors sweep the West: fo’ fo’ fo’

Could this be a passing of the torch moment?

Warriors vs. Spurs Game 3 preview: Into the abyss

The Warriors head to San Antonio to face the Spurs. Will Kawhi Leonard play? Will it matter?

Warriors outlast Suns in Phoenix, 120-111

A great 42-point effort from Stephen Curry was enough to notch Golden State’s 65th win of the season.

Draymond Green and the Warriors beat 76ers in a thriller, 106-104

Draymond Green wills the Warriors to victory as the Warriors beat the 76ers, 106-104.

2017 NBA trade deadline: The frenzy has just begun

Trade rumors? Hot stove? Franchise-shattering mega-deal? Discuss it here with the rest of the GSOM community.

MASSGA: Make All-Star Saturday Great Again

Commissioner Adam Silver definitely reads this blog, so maybe we’ll get lucky and see one of these come true?

Mid-season standings for NBA’s top awards

The All-Star break is a natural opportunity to look at players in the running for the league’s primary awards, and whether any Warriors have a shot at winning personal hardware.

Short-handed Warriors crushed by Nuggets, 132-110

Denver stole whatever three-point mojo Stephen Curry had and was not very polite about it.