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Oakland sports fan living in San Francisco. I enjoy being a student of the games, learning the nuances of the major American sports at the highest level. Love spending time on message boards reading and responding to opinions and discussing my home town teams.

Thompson and the Warriors smother the Grizzlies, 122-107

Dubs roll from start-to-finish in tuneup for KD’s return to OKC.

Kevin Durant’s Russell Westbrook problem

Hashing out right and wrong in the ongoing Durant-Westbrook beef.

Warriors vs Bulls preview: Dubs host the new Untouchables

Despite some high expectations, the season has not gone according to plan for Chicago.

Survive and outlast: Golden State escapes Portland with a 113-111 victory

The Warriors win without Stephen Curry, but barely.

Another mega-deal brewing in Clipper-Land?

The Los Angeles Clippers are rumored to be in hot pursuit of Carmelo Anthony -- and they might not need to deal any of their big three to do it.

Are the Cleveland Cavaliers panicking?

A look at the Warriors’ not-rival’s recent slump, and how they might try and break out of it.

Stranded on South Beach: Warriors drop a shocker to Heat, 105-102

Dion Waiters scores 33, including the game winning three with 0.6 seconds remaining.

Warriors takeover Magic Kingdom, win 118-98

Mickey Mouse is unharmed.

Warriors smother Rockets beyond the arc, roll to sixth-straight victory

Houston has now dropped two of three.

Who should make the All-Star team?

We’re hours away from knowing the 2017 all-star starter it's time to take a look at who should make the squad, and who should take the weekend off.