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Raised in the East Bay and married to a Curry fanatic. Not good enough at throwing a ball through a hoop to do it professionally so I write about it instead.

Golden State’s turnover threshold

The Warriors can be prone to high-turnover games. But how many turnovers are too many?

Warriors get a rematch against the Nuggets

Two weeks after an upset loss to Denver, Golden State is looking for revenge.

Streaking Warriors face struggling Grizzlies

Golden State goes for their tenth win in a row against an underperforming Memphis squad.

Warrior Wonder: Curry’s 30 in 30

Stephen Curry led the Warriors to a blowout victory over the Heat, with 30 points in 30 minutes.

Preview: Warriors look to bounce back in a post-Thanksgiving match versus the Bulls

After a 22 turnover performance in Oklahoma City, Golden State looks to tighten up their play against Chicago.

Warriors go for four against Pistons

Golden State looks to extend its first win streak of the season to four against a rising Detroit squad.

Warriors season review: The return of Shaun Livingston

At 31 years old, Shaun Livingston put in a steady and reliable 2016-2017 season, and he’ll be back for more.

Warriors vs. Cavaliers: No. 16

Golden State looks to capture the title in a self-described “must-win” against Cleveland.

Should a Warriors championship get an asterisk?

Many are crying foul about Golden State’s dominant season. Will those complaints be remembered for years to come?

NBA Playoffs 2017: We Believe... in revenge

Golden State and Utah face off in the post season for the first time since the 2007 “We Believe” run.