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Contributing writer for Golden State of Mind. Author of The Golden Breakdown, a series focusing on strategies and tactics employed by the Warriors mixed in with context and narratives.

Mobile Feel: Patrick Baldwin Jr. may turn out to be more than just a project

The 28th pick showed out during the Warriors’ second preseason game.

Without Further Delay: James Wiseman shows out in Warriors’ preseason opener

A look at the promising minutes of the Warriors’ third-year center.

What the Warriors’ playoff offense tells us about the upcoming season

The playoffs are a different breed — so expect the upcoming regular season to be preparation for them.

The Warriors Defense: An unyielding refusal to cede control to opponents

An ode to the Warriors’ elite yet underappreciated defensive pedigree.

How the Warriors draw inspiration from European basketball — and how they can continue to look toward Europe for ideas

Diving into European concepts and how the Warriors use them.

Settling the Steph Curry vs. Jayson Tatum pick-and-roll debate

Did Tatum run more pick-and-roll? Was Tatum more effective and more influential in the pick-and-roll? Let’s find out.

Steph Curry and the unconventional beauty of inverted ball screens

And how the Warriors use Curry’s reputation and willingness to set them to their advantage.

The Jordan Poole route-running extravaganza

The rise of Poole as a dynamic off-ball weapon.

The Steph Curry-James Wiseman tandem: ‘Motion Weak’, weak screen-setting, and the importance of weak-side spacing

Exploring the Curry-Wiseman pick-and-roll’s effectiveness and its role in the upcoming season.

Steph Curry’s complicated relationship with the pick-and-roll

A dive into Curry and the Warriors having a different approach when it comes to screen-and-rolls.