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Contributing writer for Golden State of Mind. Author of The Golden Breakdown, a series focusing on strategies and tactics employed by the Warriors mixed in with context and narratives.

How the Jordan Poole blueprint resides in Klay Thompson

Poole and Thompson had huge nights against the Thunder.

The one thing the Warriors are so good at — and how a potential Steph Curry absence makes it impossible to execute

The hope is that Curry’s injury isn’t too serious.

The curious and rapid decline of the Third-Quarter Warriors

They haven’t blitzed opponents after halftime — unlike past iterations.

The enduring chemistry of the Warriors’ Big Three was on full display against the Thunder

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green were in vintage form.

The multifaceted value of Donte DiVincenzo

He has done an excellent job filling the void left by Gary Payton II.

The Warriors’ ‘micro-ball’ lineup that sparked their rally against the Grizzlies

Steve Kerr took a huge risk that mightily paid off.

How the Warriors lost the plot against the Nets

They blew a 17-point lead against a Nets team without Kevin Durant.

How Steve Kerr used the Cavs’ fear of Jordan Poole to put them away

Kerr made the most out of a limited roster and managed to lead his team to a win

How the Warriors aren’t helping themselves on defense by helping too much

It’s been a non-ignored problem, but the Warriors still keep doing it. It’s not the only reason they lost to the Celtics, but it was a crippling one.

The Warriors’ key tactical adjustments against the Wizards

Meticulous shifts in coverages, personnel, and tactics gave the Warriors just their second win on the road against an Eastern Conference team this season.