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Contributing writer for Golden State of Mind. Author of The Golden Breakdown, a series focusing on strategies and tactics employed by the Warriors mixed in with context and narratives.

The Warriors offense is regaining the efficiency that once made it the pinnacle of basketball beauty

Gary Payton II stole pretty much everything — including the spotlight — against the Charlotte Hornets

Jordan Poole carried the offense amidst a slow Steph Curry performance, but Payton stole the show with his defensive acumen and hustle on offense.

Draymond Green’s renewed rim aggression has been the hallmark of his young season

Green has always been effective at pressuring the rim in a multitude of ways. Increasing the frequency of his rim attacks has done wonders for the Warriors offense.

The Warriors’ loss to the Grizzlies proves they have a smaller margin of error when it comes to turnovers

A dearth of elite offensive talent means mistakes can’t be glossed over like it was before.

The Warriors’ defensive dominance of second halves has led them to a 4-0 record

Adjustments in the second half, particularly on the defensive end, have allowed the Warriors to shut down opponents and close them out.

The Golden Breakdown: Stephen Curry always finds a way

Even when coming off a bad shooting night and facing a highly physical defense the next, Curry finds ways of flashing his inevitability.

The Golden Breakdown: How a roster more suited to the Warriors’ principles propelled them to a win over the Lakers

The first game that mattered may have provided a bullish outlook upon a roster that fits in better.

Staff predictions for the Warriors: How will they stack up in the West?

The GSoM crew gives their Warriors regular-season predictions.

Warriors announce the signing of Gary Payton II

The 15th and final roster spot is now filled.

The Golden Breakdown: For the Warriors to succeed this season, the devil is in the details

By paying attention to the little things that have made them successful in the past, the Warriors might just have what it takes to hang with the best of them.