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Contributing writer for Golden State of Mind. Author of The Golden Breakdown, a series focusing on strategies and tactics employed by the Warriors mixed in with context and narratives.

The Warriors’ defense is coming undone on the road

It has been one ugly defensive season on the road for the defending champions.

The one possession that captures the Warriors’ defensive struggles on the road

The struggles continue on the road — and lack of defense is the number one culprit.

Jordan Poole and the disconnect between three-point volume and efficiency

There’s a disconnect between the number of shots he takes and the rate at which he knocks them down.

Appreciating Klay Thompson filling in the superstar shoes

With Steph Curry out (but not for much longer), Klay Thompson has filled his shoes as the Dubs’ no. 1 option.

How ballscreen-centered sets can help unleash Jordan Poole’s potency

Poole is at his best when prioritizing rim pressure before establishing his outside shot.

Boxed In: How the Warriors targeted Damian Lillard on both ends of the floor

They unleashed the "junk" defense and also forced Lillard to defend in space.

Elevator Ride: How Klay Thompson used a classic Warriors set to defeat the Timberwolves

Steve Kerr drew up a Mark Jackson special to get his star shooting guard going.

Klay Thompson, Patrick Baldwin Jr., and the great three-point-volume debate

Is the problem really too much threes? Or is it the nature and situational context of such shots?

Lack of offensive juice is plaguing the Warriors’ ability to defend

Problems on offense translate to an inability to get back on defense.

The 17-4 third-quarter run that spelled doom for the Warriors

A questionable lineup decision virtually lost the game for them.