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Contributing writer for Golden State of Mind. Author of The Golden Breakdown, a series focusing on strategies and tactics employed by the Warriors mixed in with context and narratives.

The baseline out-of-bounds set that got Steph Curry going against the Rockets

The Warriors’ superstar closes out the Rockets — again.

Chris Paul has been the ultimate reader in the Warriors’ read-and-react offense

The Point God did some Point God things.

Warriors drop opener against Suns amid questions about coverages, personnel, and size

A look at the Warriors’ defense, the coverages they employed on Devin Booker, and the potential problems they’ll face this season.

How Moses Moody can nail himself to the rotation by punishing the “nail”

It’s getting difficult *not* to put him in the rotation.

How the Warriors avoid empty possessions by emptying a corner

Highlighting the Warriors’ empty-corner actions and how they generate efficient offenses from them.

How does Brandin Podziemski generate so many paint touches?

A look at the rookie’s feel for the game, fundamentals, and gift for attacking the paint.

Warriors-Lakers preseason musings: The subtle nuances of advantage basketball

Thoughts about the Warriors’ ability to create advantages this season.

Warriors-Lakers preseason musings: How Steph Curry and Chris Paul are working on guard-guard actions

An in-depth look at the "21" series/"Pistol" action stuff the two point guards ran with each other.

Chris Paul hints at willingness to come off the bench

The veteran says that he is "all about winning."

Stephen Curry wants to play for Team USA in the 2024 Paris Olympics

The greatest shooter of all time may take his talents to the international stage once again.