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Cut my teeth on the playgrounds of central Oxford, United Kingdom. Basketball career tragically cut short by chronic lack of height and talent. Turned to mix of NBA fandom and popular football simulation 'Championship Manager' series of computer games for solace. 20 years later turns out I didn't waste my life and can now do a good impression of someone who knows about team building.

GSoM roundtable Part II: How can the Warriors counter?

The Warriors have been taken out of their game. The GSoM crew share some ideas of how they can get back in the groove.

GSoM roundtable Part I: Fire up the panic-o-meter!

Taking the temperature of the GSoM crew, with the Warriors facing elimination in the Western Conference Finals.

Warrior Wonder: The Warriors really need Andre Iguodala

The Warriors are missing Andre Iguodala more than anyone could have expected.

Warrior Wonder: Stephen Curry’s second half

Steph Curry channelled his inner Michael, and shocked the basketball world with a vintage second half performance.

Why I’d rather have Draymond Green than Anthony Davis

The two have been linked this year in trade rumours, but Draymond Green just proved why the Warriors need him more.

Klay Thompson’s reported extension could spell doom for the league

If you’re a Warrior hater, look away now.

Warrior Wonder: Kevin Durant puts Golden State on his back in Game 4

The ‘Hamptons Five’ soared to victory against the Pelicans in Game Four of the Western Conference Semifinals, and Kevin Durant was at the center of it all.

Warrior (sort of) Wonder: Klay Thompson’s second quarter

After a dreadful start, Klay Thompson began to heat up in the second quarter. Unfortunately that was as good as it got.

Warriors deservedly get their wings clipped by the Pelicans in Game 3

The Warriors flew into the Pelicans nest and laid an egg.

Warrior Wonder: Draymond Green stars in Game 1

The Warriors opened the Western Conference Semi-Finals with their ‘small ball’ lineup, and Draymond Green excelled.