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Tamryn Spruill is the Associate Editor of Editorial Content at Golden State of Mind, and her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Mask magazine, Summitt Hoops and other publications. She founded Robocup Press, an indie publisher of hybrid/cross-genre books, in 2012, and she teaches college English, literature, and creative writing. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a Journalism minor from University of South Carolina. So, what’s a literature nerd doing on a sports site? Having it all! Tamryn has had a lifelong love of NBA basketball dating back to the booty shorts era, and a love of WNBA hoops beginning in its 1996 inception season. Both have given her broad knowledge of basketball and a desire to explore the intersections of sports with race, gender, LGBTQ, and other issues affecting society and culture.

Steph Curry ecstatic over Eagles’ dominant Super Bowl victory

The Warriors’ superstar point guard was all glee and giggles following the Philadelphia Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl win in franchise history.

GameThread: Warriors (hope to not) fall to Kings in second-straight blowout loss

Oh, wait. The game hasn’t started yet. Golden State (40-11) faces Sacramento (16-34) on Friday Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m. PST — in enemy territory.

Alarming number of NBA players are breaking down mid-season

What’s behind the recent spate of serious, often season-ending, injuries in the NBA? And what can the Warriors do to prevent similar misfortunes?

Draymond Green wishes victims well, but supports MSU coaches Dantonio and Izzo

The trial of convicted child molester Larry Nassar that rocked the world of USA Gymnastics has exposed a culture of cover-up of sexual assault allegations at Michigan State University — Green’s alma mater.

Kevin Durant accuses ref of being ‘in his feelings’

Durant’s postgame comments critical of referee James Williams’ officiating will likely result in a fine by the league. Meanwhile, the NBA continues to gaslight everyone.

Warriors’ wisdom for Clint Capela: Not so fast, young fella — slow your roll.

NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant and two-time NBA champion Draymond Green rebutted Capela’s braggadocio and offered championship-grade wisdom to the Rockets’ center.

David West: Warrior for knowledge of an uncomfortable history

The self-taught African-American studies expert knows knowledge is power.

UPDATED: Jordan Bell to miss at least two weeks with ankle injury

Golden State announced on Friday a date for the promising rookie to be re-evaluated by team doctors, with hopes that he’ll be able to return to the court relatively quickly.

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant go #10for10 with Colin Kaepernick

The NFL free-agent quarterback has pledged donations of $10,000 per day, for the next 10 days, to complete a $1-million pledge to charitable organizations.

Trade restrictions lifted for Iguodala, Livingston: How long will their journey last?

Trade restrictions have been lifted for a host of players, including Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala.