How The Center Position Could Become The Warriors' Kryptonite


RealGM's Jonny Auping offers up his perspective on the Warriors' C position.

Durant booed at Staples, will receive hero's welcome at Oracle


Durant, by the way, answered those boos by leading all scorers with 19 points, 14 of which came in the first half.

Team USA vs. China open thread


For those watching Team USA, here's an open thread for you.



Basketball was an important constant during Steve’s early years, as he grew up in Beirut, Cairo, California, and points in between. He and Malcolm played together often. "Malcolm was quite competitive by nature," Ann said. "Steve gets it from his father." As a freshman in high school, Steve attended Cairo American College, an outpost of liberal American education where expat kids mingled in a rarefied space of leafy tranquility within the sprawling metropolis. Steve played basketball there but yearned to return to California, to play at a higher level. His parents obliged him. "He was so eager to play that we decided we’ve got to let him go back home," Ann told me. "He’s always been single-minded about basketball." More than three decades later, Ann reflected on her son’s career and success, and the international popularity of N.B.A. basketball. "People wake up in the middle of the night in Beirut to tune into his games," she said. "They are proud because he was born there."

Thompson: Klay Thompson relishes role as defensive stopper on Team USA


"Klay is really one of the great, complete players on this planet," Krzyzewski said. "He's more than a shooter. He's an outstanding offensive player who loves to play defense and really never seems to get tired. He has a great motor. I loved him in the World Cup, and I know I'm going to love him in Rio."

Rick Welts: A Profile in Courage


There is so much that I didn't know about Rick Welts. And the more that I learn about him, the more that I am impressed.

The Blueprint for Beating the W's


Hah, there is no such thing. OKC was our biggest threat.. before we stripped them of KFD.

Curry on his health, Kevin Durant


To his credit, Curry didn’t use the injuries as an excuse. He didn’t Thursday, either, but he acknowledged fearing he might need surgery after the Finals. That’s the main reason he reluctantly skipped joining the U.S. Olympic team as it prepares for next month’s Summer Games in Brazil.

"Everything’s pretty good," Curry said. "I didn’t need surgery or anything, so it’s just rest and getting back to work. Not playing in the Olympics is helpful.…

"Yeah, I was worried (about surgery). You don’t know exactly the extent of it, or if you made it worse by playing through the playoffs."

Thursday’s outing represented the first time Curry offered his take on Durant’s rock-the-league decision to join the Warriors. Curry was part of the recruiting delegation to visit Durant in the Hamptons, hoping to persuade the sought-after free agent from Oklahoma City to sign with Golden State.

A few days later, on the morning of July 4, Curry woke up on vacation in Hawaii to discover his phone lighting up. Durant had left a voice mail. Draymond Green and other teammates had sent text messages.

But the first text Curry opened was from Warriors owner Joe Lacob. Curry figured Lacob was offering consolation, but then he read the message and realized Durant was now his teammate.