Golden State Warriors Need Over-the-Top Confidence More Than Ever


"Any team with a realistic understanding of its limitations would be questioning its chances of survival without its best player. But in winning 73 games, the Warriors proved this year that they aren't all that open to the idea of having any limitations at all."

An Advanced Stats Primer for the NBA


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The "Kevon Looney undergoes hip surgery" drinking game


Drink one shot every time Kevon Looney undergoes hip surgery. Drink two shots if the hip surgery is kept a secret until after it happens.

Steph after Red Sox game


"And right after the game, he took a photo with David Ortiz, wielding a bat like he was going to beat the crap out of him."

Warriors’ Green feels bad that Clark missed out on attention


Then Green said something that provides a bit of insight into what makes these Warriors these Warriors. They didn’t win a championship and then 73 regular-season games without having some secret sauce.

"The thing that frustrates me most about it is not that we lost the game," Green said, "or not like I feel like I cost us the game. The thing that frustrates me most is I feel like the way Ian Clark played, that’s the type of game that could change someone’s career. If we win that game. So I feel like I cost (him) that."

NBA rules James Harden committed offensive foul on Game 3 winner


I recall last night there were some comments re: "the bad call at the end" by someone who was told to quit blaming the refs -- it was a loss. Well, it REALLY WASN'T supposed to be a loss, Harden committed an offensive foul. The basket shouldn't have counted and the Warriors should have won the game. My only question is why don't they fine the officials for these bad calls or no-calls the same way they do when a player or coach complains about the bad officiating of a game? (I hope I'm doing this right, I haven't posted on here in a long time. And apologies if this is a redundant post of a link, but I couldn't find it anywhere on here.)

Stephen Curry says he's close to being pain-free


Steph: "Obviously they have my best interest, but it's kind of hard to kind of take that advice and sit out because it's just a tough feeling. You just stick to the process and hopefully Sunday I can get as close to 100 percent as possible and get confidence from everybody that I'm ready to go and help my teammates out."